Gut Rumbles

January 23, 2008

Speaking of laughing

Originally published December 12, 2003

Have you ever seen something so funny that you literally doubled over laughing, holding your gut while tears streamed from your eyes and snot blew from your nose as you felt a small trickle of piss running down your leg? I am talking about serious laughter here.

I had that happen to me once in my parent's back yard. The entire family came over for a Sunday dinner and we went outside after the meal to play a game of lawn darts. I had my loyal companion, Wiggles, with me at the time. He probably was the ugliest dog ever created by genetic mutt-mutation, but I loved him and he loved me. I tied a red bandana around his neck when we went visiting, and he really was proud of dressing up that way.

My brother brought his dog, Plato, over to the house that day, too. Plato was mostly a hound dog and totally eat up with the dumbass at that stage of his puppy-life. My brother had tied a bandana around Plato's neck, too, but the dog kept running around as if it's ass were on fire and we had to stop pitching lawn darts a couple of times for fear of stabbing that crazy dog. The dumbfuck just liked to run while Wiggles curled up in the shade. My father was getting angry because of Plato's antics.

Plato finally ran fast enough and long enough that the bandana came off his neck and fell on the ground. Plato didn't notice what happened and just kept running, but Wiggles saw it. Wiggles got up, moseyed over to that bandana, hiked his leg and pissed all over it.

My father turned to my brother. "I believe that Wiggles just said what he thinks about your dog. The only reason he pissed on it first is because he beat me to it."

Yeah. I laughed about that.

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