Gut Rumbles

January 23, 2008


Originally published June 11, 2003

Young Jack dropped by this evening to borrow some salt and to make sure that Quinton was coming over tomorrow. My boy is, and Jack is invited to spend the weekend with him. Jack is excited.

If I can get permission from Jack's mom, I think I might spend the weekend at the beach. We'll go there Saturday morning, spend Saturday night in a room somewhere and just go beachy for a day or so. We'll eat seafood and get salt water and sand in our hair. Build sand castles. Ride the boogie-boards in the surf.

I believe that the boys would like it, and I'm ready to go OFF for a weekend. I just don't know how Jack's dad (never around) feels about Father's Day. I know how I FEEL about it, and I am damn glad that Quinton is staying with ME this weekend. I want it to be something special and he's welcome to share it with his friend. I want to spend the weekend at Tybee Island and go native. No shirt, no shoes... NO PROBLEM!

If I don't blog this weekend, that's why.

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