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January 22, 2008

Sex post

Originally published December 11, 2003

I've had sex in a lot of different places (and YES, I include a woman's anatomical construction among those places). I have a lively imagination and very few inhibitions.

* I made love in a hammock in broad daylight down at Lake George one day.

* I did it on a picnic table at George L. Smith State Park before a blazing campfire one night.

* I did it in the bushes on top of Blood Mountain. Twice, with two different wimmen.

* I did it on a pool table in the old Port Royal Bar on River Street, with the night reciepts as the pillow under her head. Fucking on top of a pile of money is fun.

* I did it in a car going 75 MPH down the interstate, if blow-jobs count.

* I did it in a hot tub.

* I did it in the sand dunes at the beach, and had the mosquito bites on my ass to prove it the next day.

* I did it in the back of a 1974 GMC Suburban parked on the side of a mountain road in North Carolina. I had a pile of sleeping bags back there and curtains on the windows.

* I've done it in bed, with candle-light and wine handy.

I believe that I like the last way the best.

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