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January 15, 2008

Stupid people

Originally published June 7, 2003

I try not to argue with stupid people anymore. They are STUPID! I'm not going to change their minds with a cogent presentation of my argument, because STUPID PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

They don't listen and they don't learn. They LIKE being stupid, the way an infant likes to sit a shitty diaper as long as the shit is warm. Stupid people are happy sitting in their own shit.

We could walk down the street together, and I could show you lots of stupid people. Just walk up to a stranger and ask, "What is the First Amendment to the Constiution?"

That person may have a vague idea about the Constitution, as some sort of document they remember from grade school, but 99 out of 100 people will run away screaming. Law enforcement officers will become involved, and if you ask THEM the same question, your ass will spend the night in jail.

I'll make a bet. Pick ANY city in ANY state and poll 1000 people at random. See first of all if they know what the Bill Of Rights is to begin with, then see how many of the first ten amendments they can name. I'll bet most people can't name three.

Once we've learned that people don't know shit, ask the same brainiacs this question: "What important rights does the government grant you?" From most people, you won't get the answer I would give. Of course, if I were in charge, you wouldn't have smoking bans and a useless War On Drugs, either.

Government doesn't GRANT you rights, people. It TAKES THEM AWAY!. You were born free until government got hold of you. And you let people dumber than YOU ARE do this shit to you.

Look at Washington, DC. That's not a goddam government-- it's the bar scene from Star Wars. Hillary Clinton. Robert Byrd. Tom Daschle. Chuck Schumer. Jim Jeffords. If my son grows up to be like any one of those soulless shitheads, I'll strangle him with my bare hands. But you assholes VOTE for those idiots.

Is THAT what you really want?

Must be. I need to take my Clue Detector and go home.

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