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January 13, 2008

Good "son moment"

Originally published December 7, 2003

Quinton and I were watching the Dawgs get slaughtered last night when the half-time show began. We watched that guy win $400,000 throwing a football into the hole in a Dr. Pepper can.

The guy did well from five yards away, but when he moved back to the ten, he missed everything he threw. Quinton said, "Daddy, you could hit every ball you threw from there. You're a good passer."

Quinton is correct, too. I call them "Johnny Unitas" passes when I lead him just right and lay the ball perfectly in his hands when he's on a full-tilt gallop. If he stands still, I tell him "This one's coming at your chin," and I seldom miss my mark. I've thrown a football all my life and muscle memory lasts a long time. I throw a good spiral, too.

Quinton asked me if I could have hit the long pass that the guy made last night to win $400,000. I told my boy that I didn't know. "I could make at least one out of three," I said. "I can't say for sure if the first one would have hit the hole."

"It would have," Quinton said. "You pass better than that guy does."

He went to sleep after that and I started drinking Wild Turkey. I thought about what he said and I became all misted up. My boy believes in me. He trusts me. He knows that Daddy can throw a football. He had no doubt in his mind that I would have won that contest.

Bejus. I hope I never let him down.

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