Gut Rumbles

January 08, 2008

No phone, no pool, no pets

Originally published June 5, 2003

My phone line is dead, so that means my dial-up internet connection is dead, too. I gotta get cable in here, or maybe satellite and let the dial-up serve as a back-up. Which is best?

For a dial-up connection, mine is usually pretty good. It runs somewhere between 42 and 52kbps most of the time, which is fast enough for what I do on a computer. I don’t download a lot of big stuff or look at pictures, except when I occasionally check out some interesting porno spam. I just blog most of the time. That’s why I haven’t had a burning desire to upgrade to something faster.

I am typing this in Microsoft Word and just noticed that the spellchecker highlighted “blog” and “spam” but DID NOT highlight “porno.” What does THAT say about the internet?

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