Gut Rumbles

December 13, 2007


Originally PUBLISHED January 7,2005

I don't remember ever sleeping in the Crackerbox before with all the windows open. It's very nice. The night air smells of pine trees, oak leaves and dew--- and I have crickets and frogs singing outside my window.

Tonight, I can hear the whistle of the freight train clearly as it crosses the tracks at Blue Jay Road, a good 15 miles away. Damn! I LOVE the sound of a train whistle in the night. I fell asleep to that sound so many times when I was a boy in the coal mining camp that I believe it became stuck in my blood. That lonesome moan is music to my ears.

No snow. No ice. A low temperature of 53 degrees tonight. Windows open. Wind chimes. Southern sounds outside.

Life is good sometimes.

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