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November 17, 2007

Crazy day

Originally published July 19, 2004

Rain has fallen off and on all day today, sometimes in torrents. That's why I ended up at the internet cafe early this morning. The skies have been cloudy and there's no sport around the swimming pool or on the beach. I don't mind getting wet in la lluvia, but it's difficult to get a suntan that way. Plus, I didn't want to just sit around my room (excuse me--- my SUITE) and read or watch TV all day.

So, I post some Random Thoughts:

*I don't believe that Costa Rica has the prudish sexual harassment laws that we have in the US. The wimmen are beautiful, they dress to show off their assets and they are flattered when men notice. They don't sing "I Am Woman, I Am Strong" one minute and collapse in a fit of tears and trembling, crying for a lawyer the next because some man whistled at them. No weak sisters here.

*Security guards and policia all carry 9mm handguns. I haven't seen a .38 or a .45 since I've been here, and I look at such things. Jose told me that in order to buy a handgun in Costa Rica, the buyer must petition the government, be granted permission by the government to own a gun, and then take a handgun training class before a license is granted. No Second Amendment here.

*Costa Rican wimmen don't paint their toenails red. They either have nekkid toes or that white-shit French thing wimmen do today.

*According to people who know, iguana tastes just like steak. I am going to try to check that out for myself.

*Costa Ricans admit: their economy is based on three things. #1 is tourism, #2 is laundering drug money through their banks and #3 is sex. Everybody knows what's happening, but the government and everybody else ignores #2 and #3. It's good for the economy.

*A Cuban cigar is not all it's cracked up to be.

*Costa Rica grows a lot of sugar cane, but they don't make rum. I don't understand that.

*I am reading John Grissom's Bleachers. now. I have some things I want to say about that book, but I'll wait until I finish it to do so. But if Grissom didn't play high school football for a tough coach who produced winning teams, he damned sure knows somebody who did.

*Why can't I just stay here forever?

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