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November 16, 2007

And a cat in my lap

Originally published July 19, 2004

The hotel has a resident cat named "Brunda." The hotel has 11 rooms on the ground floor. Guess which covered porch Brunda likes best? You got it--- MINE!

Last night, a rip-roaring thunderstorm blew through, with lots of thunder, lightning and torrential rain. I went out on the patio to smoke a genuine Cuban cigar, a Cohiba, that someone GAVE ME in the tiki restaurant yesterday. Those babies cost at least $6.00 each in the tobacco shops I've visited.

I was enjoying my cigar and the thunderstorm when the next thing I know, Brunda is sitting in my lap. That fucking cat just made itself right at home and started rubbing its head on my chest. "You don't know what you're doing, gato," I said. "I am not your friend. I hate you and all your kin. If you tried this shit at the Crackerbox, I'd grab you by the tail and throw you into the stormy night." The cat just sat there and hummed like a kitchen appliance.

Hell, I let her stay there. Something about Costa Rica just really mellows me out.

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