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November 13, 2007

Drive-in movies

Originally published July 14, 2004

I passed a drive-in movie theater on the way back from Folly Beach a month or so ago. You seldom see those big screens with the elevated car-bumps in the parking lot anymore. I miss them. I got laid a lot at drive-in movies in my younger days.

There are few drive ins left in operation. Before this drive in, I think the last show I had seen at one was Disney’s “Black Hole”. The best way to enjoy a drive in is to prep well for it. Stock up an ice chest full of Cold Ones and goodies, because a Drive In is more of a tailgate party than just going to the movies. As soon as they switch the features, we will be going again.

That's from the mad ogre and he knows whereof he speaks. Going to the drive-in once was a rite of passage, a glorious experience, a place to make out and watch a movie at the same time. Even shitty popcorn tasted good there, especially after you smoked a good joint and watched Moses part the Red Sea.

I liked drive-in movies in the winter, when I could throw a blanket in the car and "snuggle" with my date under that blanket when we got cold. Man, I did a whole bunch of snuggling back then. Fogged-up windows and a blanket leave a lot of room for exploration at a drive-in movie. I've searched the floorboards for a missing bra more than once after a rewarding night of snuggling.

Damn! If I ever win the lottery and become stinking rich, I'm going to open a drive-in movie theater. I owe it to The Children.

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