Gut Rumbles

September 30, 2007


Originally published April 25, 2004

I absolutely LOVE the vivid images that Southerners throw into their speech. You can sample a few good ones here, but I know a lot more of them.

*He's as lazy as a cut dog

*He was as happy as a dead pig in sunshine

*That woman could suck a golf ball through 30' of garden hose. Take the chrome right off a trailer hitch, too

*That shit was hard as Chinese arithmetic

*He was as happy as a dog with two dicks

*If brains were gunpowder, he couldn't blow his nose

Too few people in this country understand the meaning of "y'all," "yonder" and "directly," too.


Funny...I was just thinking about this post yesterday! I sure miss Rob.

Posted by: Celeste on October 1, 2007 04:53 PM
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