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September 08, 2007

Bite the dust

Originally published April 3, 2004

I went out and shot up another deck of cards this morning. This time, I used both the single-shot .22 and my old Ruger .22 with the 16-shot magazine. I cleaned and oiled the old Ruger yesterday, then mounted a scope on it.

I think I bought that rifle from K-Mart for $39.00 in 1976. A similar model today costs $150.00.

I mentioned before that where I go to shoot, behind the pond on the land I once owned, is used by other people to sight their rifles for deer hunting. Somebody left a sawhorse there with a wedge cut out of it. It's not quite as good as a vise to set your scope, but it's pretty close.

I took only four shots and a couple of minor adjustments before I had the old Ruger as right as rain. I was shooting from about 40 yards, and I took all four corners off the nine of clubs with four shots. I took out the ace of diamonds, right through the middle, with one shot. I shot the spade out of the ace of spades, but that took five shots because I missed with my first bullet, hit the corner of the card and turned it semi-sideways. I didn't feel like walking all the way to the oak tree to readjust my target, so I just blew the center out of it the way it was.

I had a lot of trouble with regular iron sights after I had my eyes fixed. For a while, I couldn't focus my vision on the front and back end of a rifle. I needed a scope to see what the hell I was doing. I don't have that problem anymore, although I still need reading glasses to read a restaurant menu.

I took the single-shot and blew away the rest of the cards one at a time. I shot about 300 rounds and I feel good right now.

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