Gut Rumbles

July 14, 2007


Originally published May 31, 2006

Did you ever notice that people who call themselves "empaths" are anything BUT that? Did you ever notice that they profess their "love" for you by threatening to kill you? (out of empathy, of course) Did you ever notice how they leave shitty comments about you on other blogs, trash you own their own blogs and then get all pissed off when you mention their obvious assholery?

Did you ever WONDER about such people when they started to make phone calls and email other people that they didn't know, warning of orgies and threesomes that YOU never thought about but THEY "empathed" in their fevered imaginations before a blog-meet? Did you get a lot of flak from OTHER PEOPLE about what the "empath" had done?

Good. Neither have I.

But I'm not an "empath," so what do I know?

(And dear empath--- if you think I'm talking about YOU, you're just wrong, wrong, wrong. You're imagining things, the same way other people do when they call YOU somewhat... bizarre, like when you rant about ME and then say that you're NOT ranting about ME because you didn't mention any NAMES. But you still want to shoot ME. Just Dayum! Being an empath must really be rough, with that problem of keeping fantasy and reality all sorted out.)

Just try some more bananas and pancakes for breakfast.

(By the way... be sure and check the comments on this post to see how a REAL "empath" behaves when confronted with her own assholery. She STRIKES LIKE A SNAKE!!!! Calls me a drunk!!!! SAYS THAT I'M DRUNK NOW!!! TELLS THE WORLD that I'm drunk ALL THE TIME anymore. But that's just because, being such an empath, she FEELS MY PAIN!!!

See what I meant in that post?)

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