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June 10, 2007


Originally published December 20, 2004

I TOLD you that you can blog about anything.

I've been to only ONE whorehouse in my colorful life, and that was "Effies" in Athens, Georgia, a long time ago. The wimmen there serviced many a young college male, a LOT of whom lost their virginity in that place for a very reasonable price. (A 50-50 was $20 back then.) That place was an institution at the University of Georgia.

Effie's was a true whorehouse experience. You picked your partner, she took you to a room and washed your equipment with warm water and soap in a porcelan sink (a lot of inexperienced guys never got past that point without... well, you know what I mean), and then you did the deed in a perfumed bed. I thought the place was better than Disney World.

Somebody wrote me a tear-stained letter when the vice squad finally closed the place down sometime in the early 70s. That was like learning that a good friend died.

Every college town needs a good, honest whorehouse.


Every town should have one. It is still the cheapest way to get laid, the lady is happy, she just got money and the man is happy, cause he just got his nut.

Posted by: Catfish on June 10, 2007 03:37 PM
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