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May 12, 2007

Odd names

Originally published May 16, 2005

I've posted before about odd names, but I've never written about some Southern names that nobody seems to think twice about down here. Of course, these are Southern nicknames, but they seem perfectly normal to the Southern ear.

I have known people called "Scooter," "Gator" and "Hawg." I also ran around with friends named "Bubba" (of course), "Skeeter," and "Stinker." That's not to mention "Wormy," "Hoss," "Snake" and "Kidneybean." And I don't want to forget "Pinetree" (he was very tall), "Possum," "Catfish" (big mouth and full of shit), "Spanky" or "Little'un" (he wasn't very big).

I knew "Sweetie," (quite the ladies man) "Big Joe," "Little Joe" and "Squirt." That's in addition to "Roundman," "Cowboy," "Peanut," "Bama" and "Junior."

That doesn't count "Red," "Irish," "Mex" "Chop-Chop" or "Baldy." I myself was called "Snuffy." Or "Bowlegs."

Do YOU know a lot of people who answer to odd nicknames, or is this just a Southern thing?

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