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April 11, 2007

I think she likes me

Originally published May 31, 2003

Whoo-hoo! I found a lefty, delusional asswipe (she posts on Blogshit, so just scroll down if you want to waste some valuable time you could spend sleeping) in my referrals this morning! She had THIS to say about me:

The physically and mentally unattractive blogger at Gut Rumbles, Rob, has quite a few things to say about women bloggers, and women in general.

Yes, I do. But I prefer to be called "Acidman" on my blog. That asshole "Rob" is the guy who goes to work every day and pays child support to a fornicating, adulterous ex-wife. (Hell, as long as we're talking about my opinion of women, I thought I would throw in that little factoid.) Rob keeps his mouth shut and does what the judge told him to do. Acidman rants about it.

Ladies, this one doesn't qualify to take out our garbage.

And you don't qualify to kiss my Cracker ass, because YOU are the garbage that I would NEVER take out. Listen to yourself here, asswipe:

After playing well the first day, Annika Sorenstam failed to make the cut for the PGA. Afterward, chastened, she said something I hope she will recant.

"It was a great week but I've got to go back to my tour, where I belong," Sorenstam said. "I'm glad I did it, but this is way over my head."

Maybe so. Maybe not. It is doubtful she can tell after one attempt under trying circumstances. I believe she should try again.

Farthead, the PGA tour is way over MOST MEN'S HEADS! You believe she should try again? Why? Are you stuck in that "I am woman, I am strong" horseshit from the 70s? It don't work that way on the PGA Tour, sweetie, and Annika knows it.

You want the best woman golfer in the world to suffer MORE humiliation? She'll get her ass beat like a drum every week if she goes out with the men on a course a LOT more difficult than the one she picked to play.

Oh... I know the solution to that problem. We need to "gender-norm" that prejudical game, let her play from the women's tees, institute a "no three-putt" rule for her and spot her two strokes per side. Then, maybe, she can be a "champion" on the men's tour.

People like you make me want to puke. People like you give us crap like this.
[Ed. Article entitled "Hack Invades Homepage" no longer available.]

Politically-correct numbskull. Holier-than-thou fucktard. Ignorant dumbfuck. Walking piece of shit-for-brains. Ugly bag of mostly crap. Go take a douche and put the tube in you ear. Maybe you'll disinfect what passes for a brain in your empty head.

Now, you may insult me at your leasure, since you weren't MAN ENOUGH to do it to my face, you whimpering, sniveling pussy. Go suck Atrious. And fuck yourself while you're at it.

It's personal now, asswipe.

Read the origin of her page name.

There is a rural legend that poor, semi-literate African-Americans misunderstood what was being said when civil rights workers came to register them to vote in the Deep South during the 1950s and '60s. They said they wanted their 'silver rights.' I don't know if the legend is true, but I like the phrase.

Yeah... weren't the ignorant darkies so CUTE? Bejus, you condescending lefties chap my ass.

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