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March 17, 2007

Small Southern towns

Originally published March 23, 2005

I've done a lot of driving all over this beautiful state and I tend to keep to the back roads. I like the scenery out there. It beats the hell out of driving the interstate highways.

Drive through some small Southern towns in backwater, Georgia, and you'll almost always see the same thing. They have a very nice, old courthouse. And they'll have a monument to fallen Confederate soldiers somewhere nearby.

Some of the houses (the ones Sherman didn't burn) still have all the Greco-Roman architecture, with the big pillars and the wrap-around porches. You can see wooden outbuildings out beyond the manor that probably were slave quarters once upon a time. Those places are barns now, or just rotting to pieces. I would really like to take some pictures of some of those ante-bellum relics.

Stop and eat in one of those little towns. Pick a local diner and stop where you see the most pickup trucks in the parking lot. The waitress will call you "honey," and the food will be good, served with genuine Southern iced tea, which is sweet enough to make a bee drunk. Eat country-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy with fried okra, green beans, collards and biscuits also piling the plate.

You can enjoy that meal and still smoke a cigarette afterward, when you're full to bustin' from all that good food. Have another glass of iced tea and shoot the shit with the locals while you smoke. They don't mind. They smoke, too, and they enjoy talking. I like those places.

That's one of the reaons I like travelling wih Recondo or Catfish on these adventures. We like Cracker food, and we like meeting new people. Those diners are perfect, because they have good food and have the atmosphere that is perfect for the food. Ain't nothing fancy. Just a typical Southern diner, with good food and friendly company.

You should try it. You just might like it.


The place we use to eat in Millen Georgia was finally closed, due to a new road, going around town. This was a very good family diner, all you can eat for 5.00 with tea.

Posted by: Catfish on March 17, 2007 01:48 PM

If you are talking about Hooks. It moved out to where hwy 21 and 25 intersect. They still have their great corned beef hash and BBQ. I thought it had gone by the wayside myself but my banjo pickin' buddy Herb used to live in Millen and he told me where it had moved.

Posted by: Willy on March 17, 2007 03:05 PM
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