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February 09, 2007

Magnets and such

Originally published October 25, 2003

Quinton and Jack enjoyed the box of magnets I bought at the thrift store the other day. They've figured out a lot of ways to be creative with them. I set up what I called a "minefield" with some ball bearings under a towel and told them to find the mines without getting one stuck to a magnet. Jack blew himself up right away, but Quinton cleared the field.

Quinton has learned to placekick a football. I've worked on that skill with him in the past, but he obviously has another teacher now, or else he's doing a lot of practice on his own. He's getting good at it. He kicked four balls the length of my front yard and clean over my truck in the driveway today. Yeah, he shanked a few and hit a few line drives, but when he caught the ball right, he made a good kick.

He and Jack are gone across the street to bounce on a trampoline for a while. I told them that they had one hour to play, then I have to get Quinton dressed for his football game at 3:00 this afternoon.

His team sucks. They got drubbed 36-0 on Thursday and they'll probably get their asses handed to them again today. The coach does a good job of teaching the fundamentals, but the boys don't display a lot of "WANT TO" on the field. I really believe that most of them would rather be bouncing on a trampoline on a Saturday afternoon than wearing pads and helmets on a football field with a coach screaming at them.

Quinton will be there today. It's the last game of the season. I wish he had the "WANT TO" that I did at his age, but he doesn't.

That's okay with me. I love my boy. Football isn't shit when it's no fun to play.

But he is gonna play that last game today. That's what he signed up to do. And a Smith keeps his word. Life is that simple sometimes.

I'll tell you about the game when I get back home.

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