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January 18, 2007

Good question

Originally published April 17, 2006

From my interview:

What would I do differently if I had my blog to go back and do over again?
Not a whole lot, really. I never would have used the forbidden N-word--- not because I think I did anything terribly wrong by doing that, but because it just wasn't worth the crap that the post generated. Boy, did I ever get a full dose of sanctimony over THAT.

Talk less badly about my BC ex-wife? Give me a break. I haven't even touched the surface here about what a bitch she really is.

Stayed anonymous? Nah. My ego never would have stood for that. How am I supposed to receive adoration if nobody knows who I am?

Been less controversial? BWHAHAHAHAAA! Next question?

Do I have any regrets about what blogging has cost me? Yeah, some. But those are FAR outweighed by the enjoyment I've had, the people I've met and the pure-ass FUN blogging is for me.

The only thing I would do differently if I had it all to do over again is get my blog started sooner.


I don't see anything wrong with the N-word. Most blacks calls each other niggers. Just llike some whites call each other crackers.

Posted by: Catfish on January 19, 2007 07:31 AM

I know, man.

Hell, since then I've seen other people doing posts about "racism", a couple using the "n" word and a couple without it, that were WORSE than what Rob said.
WAY worse.
BUT... that didn't matter.

Hell, it's even okay for one or two of the people who gave Rob such hell to turn around and BE the ones who've written some of the crap passing for writing I've seen, apparently.

Since it wasn't ROB saying it, it was fine then...


All Rob did with that post is make some people confront their own inherant racism and hypocrisy. (And, people HATE IT when you make them do THAT shit.)
And, those people were the ones who bitched, screamed and acted the most like Catholic priests before they get caught molesting a kid.

THEY were the ones so highly uncomfortable.
THEY'RE the ones who bitched and acted all superior about the use of a WORD.
THEY'RE the ones still giving that word it's (alleged) "power" to divide and cause problems.

They were also, to a person, exactly NOT whom Rob was speaking of... except for in their collective attitude.

And, they were also the ones who missed the entire freakin' point of that post of his.

(Nowdays, I must admit, their sheer stupidity just makes me laugh... Have ya ever known people who were such bleeding assholes that they had no clue as to the fact that they are, indeed, assholes, let alone how much of a bleeding asshole they are? Well, ya saw 'em droves the week of that post, lem'me tell ya... Jesus.)

And, do ya wanna know what else those practitioners of reverse racism also missed?

While they were busy being so up-in-arms over Rob, a white man, saying what he did, they missed Bill Cosby saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING at a commencement.

If those holier-than-thou, delinking dickheads... those sanctimonious supporters of censorship... if they REALLY give such a shit about "divisiveness" and the "danger" of that word, they'd have turned around and attacked Bill Cosby, too.

Or, if they'd had one bit of true brains and common sense, they'd have understood that each man was saying the same thing which, underneath all the words, was THE TRUTH.

And, maybe if those who judged Rob so harshly were anything more than a bunch of flaming TROLLS, they'd use some of that energy they had so much of to bash Rob to actually HELP the subjects of both men's speeches.

You know... help those people become something worthwhile, make what Bill and Rob said actually BE racist instead of the TRUTH, like it was then and still is now.

Turn shit around.
Help out.
Make a difference.
Ya know?

But, naaaah.
Fuck that.
THAT sounds too much like work.
MUCH easier to just sit at a keyboard in a basement somewhere attacking Rob.

Bra-VO, you losers.
*golf claps*

Posted by: Stevie on January 19, 2007 12:55 PM
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