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January 13, 2007

Bullshit statistics

Originally published February 3, 2002

Did you know that someone dies from the effects second-hand smoke every 23 seconds in this country?

OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T "KNOW!" I MADE THAT CRAP UP! But idiotic statements such as mine are reported as fact over and over again by a press that either is too lazy to check the numbers or too willing to run with them because they fit the right agenda. Gun control morons, date-rape scaremongers, anti-smoke Nazis, environmental dingbats and a host of other single-issue advocates simply pull such "statistics" out of thin air, throw them to a hungry press and stand back while the barracudas feed. And a lot of people actually BELIEVE this nonsense.

Think of all the children who have been poisoned by TAINTED HALLOWEEN CANDY and you'll get the picture.

Someone is killed by a handgun every 5 seconds in this country.
Another endangered species disappears from the planet every 10 seconds in this country.
A woman is the victim of domestic abuse every 15 seconds in this country.
And second-hand smoke kills another non-smoker every 23 seconds in this country.

You can't argue with numbers such as those.


Hell yes.

Posted by: Derek on December 30, 2009 01:03 AM
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