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June 22, 2006

saying good bye

We drove to the airport in Jacksonville. We arrived early and had a couple of hours to kill. We bought some downright obscene, hulking cinamin rolls and two large cups of coffee from a place that smelled so good that you couldn't possibly pass it up. (I don't remember the name, Joanie. Do YOU?)

While she sat on a bench and ate her cinamin rolls and sipped her coffee, I walked to a bookstore and bought a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a book that I promised to buy her when she first saw downtown Savannah. I borrowed a pen from a girl behind the counter and wrote something witty and clever on the inside cover-page and gave that book to Joanie about 30 minutes before her flight began boarding.

That was a strange goodbye. We hugged. We kissed. And BOTH OF US started crying, right there in the got-dam airport. We both had enjoyed the visit and I hated to see her go. But she had her book and her ticket home and I had a two-hour drive back to Rincon. She walked down the runway, I went back out to my truck, and we never saw each other again.

I didn't learn until the next day that she experienced the Trip from Airline Hell, where she was stranded in Atlanta for a few hours, which meant that she missed ALL of her other connecting flights, so that she didn't make it back home after what SHOULD have been a six-hour plane ride, until almost 16 hours later.

She said the she almost ripped out a charge card and flew BACK to Savannah, just to cut the bullshit. Now, I wish she had. We could have hopped in my car and DRIVEN all the way back to San Diego, as long as she didn't push me for time. I coulda done that southern route through the desert trip I want to do and tooled along the Pacific Coast Highway, too.

But she got home around midnight that evening, thanked me for the trip, and told me that she read the entire book I bought her before she ever landed in California. I was pissed because THAT book is not one you should gobble at one swallow. And I coulda showed her the places and people featured in the story.

But, that's what happened. I'm just glad that she doesn't hate me.

Maybe she would if I ever introduced her to this guy. Savannah would NEVER be the same..


Maybe you should send her a return ticket to Savannah and let her stay with you for a few weeks, Cat

Posted by: Catfish on June 22, 2006 07:59 AM

OMG, Stevie! You'd actually consign yourself to hell if you could turn back the clock on one of Rob's old relationships for him? I'm sorry I even responded to your comments now. I didn't realize what is becoming more evident by the hour here. I won't be responding to your comments again.

Posted by: Tessa on June 22, 2006 03:19 PM

Tessa... I've got a great idea!!! Why don't you go away and die?

You must be one real cunt.

Posted by: Acidman on June 22, 2006 03:31 PM

Aw, don't sweat it, Rob.
The real reason she "won't respond" is because I drilled her a new asshole over at my place and she has no answers.

And, ya know what else?
I reeeeally wish now that I hadn't deleted my one line to her, suggesting that she go die in a fire.

I read that on FARK, it made me laugh and I truly wish she'd do that, but I didn't wanna take away from my multiple and valid points by making people go, "Aw man, Stevie. There was no need for that..."
*rolls eyes*

So, I got rid of it and went on.

But, rest assured, she's not gonna answer me because she's got no answer, plain and simple.

Posted by: Stevie on June 22, 2006 04:25 PM

By the way, I'm not afraid of hell.
I was born in New-freakin'-Joisey.

After that, hell would seem like a vacation.

Posted by: Stevie on June 22, 2006 04:26 PM

I loved that book. Sorry Iread it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down.

Posted by: Libby on June 23, 2006 11:26 AM

Acidman: From what I've observed, every woman who doesn't cater to you is a cunt.

Stevie: I've come to feel sorry for you, which is why I haven't bothered to visit your website to view whatever thing you've written. Hopefully, whatever you wrote was cathartic for you, since it certainly wouldn't bother me one way or the other.

Chablis: I don't need your approval, and I'm certain you're capable of being snarky. Your snark ability doesn't intimidate me and probably doesn't impress anyone of any intelligence. I could be wrong about the latter though.

Posted by: Tessa on June 23, 2006 04:33 PM

Allow me to give this a shot, ya'll...

1.) No, just women LIKE YOU who go out of their way to be CUNTS, he thinks of as such.

2.) Aw, go fuck yourself, you gutless wonder. You can engage me in your bullshit in Rob's comments, but you're too pussy to go to Xfire.
THAT's the truth, you lyin' sack o'shit.
Oh, and by the way... you wanna feel sorry for anybody, feel sorry for YOU, because, without a doubt, you are one of the sorriest sonsabitches I've seen recently. You're so pathetic, you have to hang around where you're not wanted just for whatever attention you can get, negative or not.
I understand that children do that, too. They'd rather garner negative attention than be ignored.
You have some MAJOR self-esteem issues, don'tcha?

3.) Believe me, even moreso than I am, Chablis is the LAST person you want to piss off.
But, don't listen to me, go ahead, keep fuckin' with her, keep pushing and she WILL make you sorry you did it.
Won't she "Rachael"?

Now, if I missed anything, or there's anything you two wanna add, by all means, go for it.

Posted by: Stevie on June 23, 2006 06:40 PM

Cinnabon. And that was an adventure in and of itself. The kid who couldn't make change and couldn't figure out how to take our money...Sheesh.

But, I feel the need to correct you on a couple of details. I didn't have coffee, it was juice. And, we bought the cinnamon roll after you got me the book.

I've also read that book several times now, just like Earth Abides.

Yeah, we cried, but we laughed, too, didn't we? Especially after I lost my, left it in the truck. D'oh! I really didn't want to leave.

I do someday want to meet Catfish. If I ever get out from under this rock of mine, I might actually find a way to head back east. I could use some good barbecue and Brunswick stew right about now. And some Vidalia onions. Yum!

(Just an aside, you almost had me and a surprise guest two Octobers ago at the blogmeet...almost. )

Posted by: Joanie on June 24, 2006 06:21 AM

Oh shit...I forgot to add, Stevie: we did manage to get along when it really really mattered, remember? Mikey. We have our moments. No worries, m'kay?

Posted by: Joanie on June 24, 2006 06:29 AM
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