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June 13, 2006

just what we need

Alberto the Badass ain't doing much here where I live. That hasn't stopped local news-jerks from becoming hysterical, which is what they do all the time anyway.

"LOOK!!! WHITECAPS at the beach!!!"

"LORDY!!! A tiny pine tree limb blown down in the road!"

"LANDOGOSHEN!!! Rain!! See? A genuine puddle over there!"


What would those people do if we ever had an actual... y'know... disaster on our hands? Probably blame Bush. (We've seen some of that finger-pointing from New Orleans already, and those idiots turned around and reelected Ray Nagin, since they recognized good leaders so well. Dolts.)

I have two gripes about this kinda crap. First, when reporters make a big deal out of nothing, it leaves us wide open to ignoring them when a REAL disaster heads our way. That's dangerous.

Second, hysteria spreads, even when there's nothing to be hysterical about. People panic and do crazy things when they're hysterical. (See New Orleans after Katrina.) News reporters shouldn't be feeding fuel to that kind of fire.

Just reconcile yourself to one simple fact: WHATEVER IT IS, it's probably not as bad as reporters make it out to be. (Like this.) Most reporters aren't very bright to begin with, so don't listen to them when they go into panic mode.

In fact, stop watching the news. You'll be just as well-informed by watching wild birds eat from a backyard feeder. And you'll sleep better at night.


Don't ride the reporters too hard. They constantly pull a 99% inaccuracy rate, but at least they're consistant. The other 1% covers when they totally and purposely lie.

Posted by: Scrapiron on June 13, 2006 08:10 PM

I blame Dan Rather. It was his on-scene coverage of Hurricane Carla in the early 60's as a local network affiliate anchor in Houston that set the apparatus in motion for him to replace Cronkite. Since then everybody in the news biz everywhere sees blustery weather as their one-way ticket to Network New Yawwk. These go-getter's must've missed the memo about lightening not striking in the same place twice.

Posted by: duxinaro on June 13, 2006 11:33 PM
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