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June 06, 2006

make me puke

If I lived in New York (state), I would be ashamed to tell people where I was from. In a kind of perverse way, I can understand a bunch of nincompoops electing Hillary Clinton as their senator. After all, people still send money to Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker, too. When "rapture" strikes, good sense flies right out the window. We really DO have a lot of insane, delusional, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing people in this country.

But otherwise normal-looking folks who keep electing this assclown to high office simply need to be dragged off and shot for the good of the human gene pool. Bejus! They obviously carry a lot of recessive, warped chromosomes in their DNA, because they can't smell SHIT when it's flung right in their faces.

Sen. Charles Schumer, who has likened $7 million in federal cuts to New York's bioterrorism programs to "rubbing salt in an open wound," voted to cut those programs by 10.4 percent last year, according to Senate records.


I don't care WHAT lies are in printed in that lying liars bunch of senate records. Chuckie says that he didn't vote that way, so he DIDN'T, by damn!

He read the bill, wrestled with his conscience over it, but was distracted at the last minute by being busy brain-farting new gun-control laws, which is what the people of The United States of America New-Grok elected him to do in the first place, so he may have appeared to vote one way when he really DIDN'T, so go fuck yourselves. Good intentions are what actually count in politics, and he SWEARS that he had those.

Get off his back, goddamit!

Speaking at a housing announcement in Westbury yesterday, Schumer suggested that the White House have (have?? There's proof of a right-wing conspiracy for you!) begun steering bioterror and homeland security funding to states with Republican majorities at the expense of Democratic-dominated areas such as New Grok New York.

See? It's that evil, conniving George Bush, being Karl Rove's hand-puppet again. Oh! The humanity!!!. How would this nation EVER survive without a capable and trustworthy hand such as Chuck Schumer's on the Ship of State's tiller?

"This could well be political ... 2006 is a very tough election year and they want to send the money to the red states," he said, adding that the cuts "definitely disadvantage blue areas over red areas ... To treat us as a sort of second-class citizen is really un-American."

Spoken like a TRUE statesman, Chuck. YOU are an expert on what's "un-American" today, and I truly believe that you DO KNOW--- because you've made a got-dam career out of doing exactly THAT at every opportunity you've ever seen, you self-aggrandizing, over-inflated gasbag.

I'm ashamed of some of the political shitwads that my beloved state of Jawja has produced over the years. I ain't one bit proud of Herman Talmadge, Jimmah Carter, Roscoe Dean, JB Stoner or Cynthia McKinney.

But New Grok belly-crawling scum can trump ANYTHING that Jawja politicians ever thought of in terms of crookdom, lying, pandering and blantant assholery. Mario Cuamo. Hillary Clinton. Nanny Michael Bloomberg. Chuckie Schumer.

Looking at the political track record of that state, I can say only one good thing about New York: It ain't QUITE as fucked up as California. At least not yet.

But it's trying hard to be #1.


"I can say only one good thing about New York: It ain't QUITE as fucked up as California. "

Only because it isn't as big; for a small state it excells at bullshit...

Posted by: BobG on June 6, 2006 06:02 PM

Yeah, California most likely IS #1. Geez, I just voted in today's primary and recognized all the usual suspects running for different State offices. We have term limits but these "public servants" just pick another office and the party machines put 'em up and run 'em, year after year. Disgusting. Makes me wonder why I even bother.

Posted by: Amy on June 6, 2006 06:04 PM

He is a guy who graduated from law school and didn't even bother to sit for the bar exam, preferring to go DIRECTLY into politics, where he has been all his adult life. That means the sonofabitch never had a real goddamned job.

He is also the Number 1 Lens Louse in the country. If he farts, he holds a press conference.

Jersey's no better with Frank -the cadaverous one - Lautenberg, and the "appointed" Bob (the "Hispanic" white guy) Menendez, a political boss from Hudson County, where corruption is an ancient art form.

Posted by: Jim - PRS on June 6, 2006 10:13 PM

Reason #42 why I left New york and moved to Houston.

Posted by: Starhawk on June 7, 2006 12:08 AM
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