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May 18, 2006

surprise, suprise

I first took the PSAT in 1968, and I scored well on it. I was hung-over and half-comatose when I took the SAT a year later. I still scored high enough to get into any college that I reasonably expected to accept me.

I obtained a four year degree and then went to graduate school. I took the GRE exam to get into the University of Georgia, and I blew the doors offa it. (I didn't have to do any math.)

I read this and I weep. I wonder WHY test scores have plummeted... yeah, right. We put the federal government in charge of education, got the screaming willies when black kids from the ghetto couldn't compete and dumbed-down EVERYTHING to make education "equal" instead of effective.

I've seen the shit being taught in public schools today, and it's more indoctrination than education. I have READ seventh-grade "Social Studies" books (they don't teach HISTORY anymore, because that's all about Dead White Men and memorizing dates, which is worthless) and I "learned" that some mooga-booga king in darkest Africa invented the helicopter 400 years before the birth of Christ.

In fact, King LeRoy de'Wanton Abdul-Jabbar not only INVENTED the helicopter, but he flew it to Mars and was told by old, wise aliens that his invention might lead mankind into war, so he flew his 'copter back home and destroyed it, to "save the planet." After he ate the raw liver of a rival king, he decreed that NO ONE would speak of his helicopter EVER again, except during Black History Month, and HIS LIFE made an entire CHAPTER in Social Studies books instead of Robert E. Lee, who was a Dead White Male, and therefore not worth learning about.

If you think that I'm exaggerating, well... I AM. But NOT by much.

If you wanna know why Johnny Can't Read, just look at his school books. And thank the federal government for raising (yeah--- GOVERNMENT does that today instead of parents) a brain-dead drone while promising that NO child is left behind. Hell--- most of his TEACHERS can't read, so what do you expect?

I never will forget the note I received from Samantha's seventh-grade English teacher. It said, "You lose an automatic 15 points on an essay for three mispelled words."

If YOU don't see something wrong with that note, you must have been riding on that helicopter to Mars instead of learning anything about Dead White Males in school.


What's wrong with that? A little negative re-enforcement to make spelling come naturally.

Unless she shouldn't have been mis-spelling words once she got the level of writing essays.

I think Thomas Sowell (he's an economist, professor, and editorial-writer who lives in Califormia) said something telling about spelling. His secretary is surprised that he never makes a spelling mistake.

Sowell is black, and grew up in the poor parts of New York in the years before racially-integrated schooling. His teachers pushed him hard, and that is why he learned how to spell properly. And do his math correctly.

My parents taught me at home, and I learned to spell correctly because my Mom wouldn't let me get away with anything else.

So, when was the last time you mis-spelled a word on an essay?

Posted by: karrde on May 18, 2006 10:21 AM

I used to answer tech support email for a computer company for a while some years ago; it was amazing the level of illiteracy that I observed. I used to commonly see such spellings as "durt" for dirt, "doznt" for doesn't, and "writeing/writting" for writing.
A typo I can understand, everyone makes those. But most of the mispelled words I saw were ones that I learned to spell in the second and third grades. Of course, I am 54; in my day we actually STUDIED subjects in school.

Posted by: BobG on May 18, 2006 11:17 AM

That's ironic. Her teacher must have been a real rocket surgeon. I'm sure I've misspelled a word or two in my time, but I do think spelling is important. This reminds me of a time when the Texas governor was roundly criticized for having the temerity to recommend teachers take a competency test. There were protests at the steps of the capitol where a teacher held up a sign that read, "I'm Competant, Dammit!" Hopefully, it was a joke, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on it.

Posted by: Dash on May 18, 2006 11:24 AM

The misspelling is bad enough. One of the kids brought home her test results from a science class, all proud of herself, & I pointed out a couple she should have had counted as wrong, because the answers were misspelled. She said the teacher didn't count them off because "she wasn't teaching English". That's a problem, in my opinion. Each teacher should, within his/her ability, reinforce lessons taught in other classes.

Posted by: Tennessee Budd on May 18, 2006 11:29 AM

was just one mispelled word semi -automatic

I never learned to spell-probably because I never learned to write in English-just redneck and spell about the way I pronounce the words.

I get a charge out of those who say "use the dictionary and see how to spell it?" Hell if I knew how to spell it well enough to find it in a dictionary I wouldn't need to look it up! people could figure out what I was trying to write.

Posted by: GUYK on May 18, 2006 11:37 AM

Clever post title, Robbo. Subtle and ironic. I like it.

Posted by: Elisson on May 18, 2006 12:19 PM

My 14 year old son came home from a public 8th grade school announcing that he had to do a paper on "reparation". He told me that he had to be "for it" because it was an important topic to his white female teacher. If he thought it was a bad idea, he was certain he was going to get a bad grade.Coming from Irish ancestors that worked at dangerous jobs at a ridiculous low wage, having to write a paper for reparation didn't motivate my son to learn.
The founders of our country all agreed on one thing-keep the federal government out of the education of the youth. We should have listened.

Posted by: Indiana Bones on May 18, 2006 12:48 PM

I'd like to know, why do you have so much anger towards black people? I had heard that you were a racist ass, but then saw that Baldilocks read you, so decided to reserve judgement. Hell I even went so far as to tell you to look me up when you were in Cost Rica. You chose not to... your loss Hoss...
But the constant harping on Blacks... I just dont get it. Did you lose a woman to a black man? Lose your job to one, or do you just somehow feel inferior. I would really like to know. Because I like much of what I read on your blog. You are a funny and interesting guy. But you apparently have some serious race issues...
You need to think about that, or you are going to continue to lose readers. I personally know of a few who have left you, just because of this bullshit. And it may surprise you, but I happen to agree with most of what you wrote, without the racist Oooga Booga shit.

Posted by: David Anderson on May 18, 2006 01:10 PM

"There were protests at the steps of the capitol where a teacher held up a sign that read, "I'm Competant, Dammit!" ".

That reminds me of a letter I recieved once that said.
"Quit treating me like I was stupid. I am not an idot!".

Posted by: BobG on May 18, 2006 02:57 PM

David, I'm tired of having bullhit shoved down my throat by people like YOU. Maybe it's HONESTY that YOU can't handle.

Where's your daddy? 70% of black kids in the US today can't answer that question. But that's MY fault somehow...

Bite me.

Posted by: Acidman on May 18, 2006 03:14 PM

So Sam was writing essays about three misspelled words?

Posted by: Jeffro on May 18, 2006 09:20 PM

Jeffro was close -- should be "You lose an automatic 15 points on an essay with three mispelled words."

An "essay on three..." would be what Jeffro was thinking about.

Posted by: DaveH on May 18, 2006 11:46 PM

"You lose an automatic 15 points on an essay with three mispelled words".

What is the tense of that sentence? Is the word supposed to be, "misspelled"?

"You lost 15 points, automatically, for three misspelled words on your essay".

I am not sure if I would understand the "teacher's" note.

Posted by: dc on May 19, 2006 07:45 AM

Shouldn't that be "loose"?

I will never forget an incident that I saw when I went back to University in 1982. Somehow I had missed the second semester of freshman English, so I had to take it.

These were university students in at least their second semester, maybe 20 in the class. A couple months in, the teacher was dealing with "errors I see regularly in your papers"- and among them, she had to explain to, too, and two.

That's when I knew it was hopeless. That is material that I learned at 7 or 8.

Posted by: staghounds on May 19, 2006 09:13 AM

Johnny can't read because Johnny doesn't read. I've known dozens of people with higher degrees who never voluntarily crack a book. Such are not educated and never will be, and their credentials are without credibility.

Posted by: Brett on May 19, 2006 12:04 PM

My fourth grade kid went to his school library to check out the 3rd Harry Potter book. Know what they told him? He couldn't check out the book because it was above the fourth grade level. WTF??? The kid is academically gifted, in reading, writing and math! But couldn't check out Harry Potter from the library... I told him to ask his AG Scholars teacher to give him "permission" to get the damn book. Gotta tell you, I was pissed!

Posted by: Shawna on May 20, 2006 08:43 PM
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