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May 09, 2006

i got it

The fine folks at Channel 5 News in Atlanta sent me a tape of the report on blogging that they aired last week. I received it in the mail yesterday and I am relieved to discover that I didn't appear to be a complete idiot on television. In fact, I thought that I sounded semi-articulate, vaguely thoughtful and partially intelligent in my interview.

Just goes to show the miracles possible with clever editing.

Does anybody know how I can put that interview on my blog? I know that it CAN be done, but the process is far beyond my own fucktardly computer skills. But I'm willing to try, given the proper guidance.

How do I do it?


You'll need a video capture card or external vidcap gadget ( a company called Dazzle makes one), if you don't have means of importing video to your PC. They use RCA plugs or an S-video plug, so hook up the VCR, launch whatever vidcap software the card maker provides, then import, convert to mpg or wmv, and post to your website's ftp server like any other file.

Your problem is bandwidth. With your traffic, a sizable movie file is gonna eat up your alloted bandwidth pretty quick. Could get expensive!

Posted by: El Capitan on May 9, 2006 08:12 AM

Can he post it to youtube?

Posted by: disconnect on May 9, 2006 08:28 AM

Hey that would be great to see... maybe it's posted at Ch 5 too. Even better if someone can help you link it here. How cool that they covered that topic! Your legend is growing.

Posted by: Vermont Neighbor on May 9, 2006 11:45 AM

VN: Channel 5/Atlanta does not archive broadcast stories on the web right now and does not make transcripts or copies of news segments available to the public after they are broadcast. I tried that route earlier.

Posted by: Tessa on May 9, 2006 01:24 PM

as el capitan said, you can get a video capture device at compusa or best buy for less than a hundred bucks which will allow you to play the video and capture it on your computer. once there, you can upload it to one of the numerous video sites now in operation. do NOT, repeat, do NOT host it on your own server. the bandwith would be ridiculous and unnecessary since you can do the same thing on someone else's hosted site and put a thumbnail on your blog. you might have seen me do this with my planetfeedback television series on my blog. i suggest uploading to it's a youtube knockoff with an interesting twist...they stick a one frame ad on the end of your video and share the revenue with you.

Posted by: mr. helpful on May 9, 2006 02:09 PM

Thanks Tessa! The idea seemed too easy to actually work.

My only other suggestion would be calling the Engineering Dept at Channel 5.

*If* there are junior members on staff (that is, technoheads who enjoy doing freelance work)... might be possible to get them to hitch the doodad to the thingy and make it work from this site.

I'm outside Georgia so I don't know how big Channel 5 is... or if ATL mostly consists of union stations. Union of course would limit / or prohibit some freelance work.

I've found that reporters and tech people are generally helpful and actually like to develop new contacts in the community. Just another idea for the pot!

Posted by: Vermont Neighbor on May 9, 2006 02:33 PM

I may be able to do all this for you, if I can just find where I hid my video capture thingy. If I succeed, I'll send you the code so's you can post the click-to-play link - and no bandwidth killage!

Posted by: Elisson on May 9, 2006 05:20 PM

I knew we could count on you Elisson. You're a prince among men.

Posted by: Libby on May 9, 2006 05:50 PM

If Elisson can't find it, I have four TV tuners going here, make a copy of your tape and send it. One of my tuners is hooked to the vcr strictly so that I can convert all of my old tapes (an ongoing process).

Posted by: Richard on May 9, 2006 08:31 PM

ooh -- get it figured out -- we all wanna see A-man in action!! =]

Posted by: Marianne in CA on May 9, 2006 08:41 PM

I agree Marianne; I've only seen those cute cheeks and devlish grin in photos. I'd love to hear/see him in action...

Posted by: Lisa on May 9, 2006 10:12 PM

It is interesting to read about. We're waitin'!

Posted by: Vermont Neighbor on May 10, 2006 02:24 AM
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