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April 14, 2006

hillary did it with pork futures

Politicians sometimes turn out to be wonderfully good investors. I wish I had such uncanny luck.

Mollohan reported a portfolio of less than $500,000 in 2000, generating less than $80,000 in income. In 2004, he reported having at least $6.3 million in assets that generated from $200,000 to $1.2 million in income.

Now, THERE'S a selfless "public servant," doing a thankless job for a pittance of pay. (I don't remember where I saw it, but I once read a nice article about the number of millionaires in Congress. What was really interesting was seeing how many of those people BECAME millionaires AFTER they won a seat. Nope... no graft or corruption here... just move along...)

Mollohan, the ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, is up for re-election in the fall and has a strong opponent. He has tried to spin away questions about his appropriations and personal wealth by painting himself as victim of a partisan attack...

...As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, he steered $250 million to five nonprofit organizations he designed himself. (emphasis mine)

I really don't see how the Democrats can make the "Republican culture of corruption" much of a campaign issue when their guys have this kind of record. But they are shameless enough to try.

Good luck...

(Link shamelessly [although not as shameless as a Congressman] stolen from here, where you can find an excellent rant about taxes here.)


Dim-wits are allowed to accumulate massive wealth on $200,000 a year while 'serving' the people. Republicans are automatically criminals for doing exactly the same thing. There is no such thing as an ethic's violation for a leftie, they're all ethic's violations just by being alive.

Posted by: Scrapiron on April 14, 2006 07:10 PM

Kinda puts the John McCain $50/hr to pick cabbage into perspective, doesn't it? I bet those congresscritters wouldn't mow their OWN lawn for $50/hr. No wonder they have such a low opinion of the average (non-rich) voter.

Posted by: KurtP on April 14, 2006 10:37 PM

Corruption knows no party affiliation and not every liberal excuses it on the Democrat's side. I'm not the only progressive who been morphing into a libertarian in the last decade or so. I've been raising the call to throw ALL the bums out. It don't matter if they're Dems or Repubs, it's career politicians that are fucking us over. Lot of dissatisfaction out there in the greater world among us little working class people.
I've been saying for well over a year that the time is ripe for a third party to break through. I see that Glenn Reynolds and Vodka Pundit for two, have finally picked up that meme.

Posted by: Libby on April 15, 2006 09:48 AM
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