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April 10, 2006

quote of the day

"From their scramble to ram through a national legislative solution to Terri Schiavo's plight, to their overreaction to Hurricane Katrina, to their failure to recognize the public's disgust with pork-barrel projects, to the Dubai Ports deal, Republicans have appeared to the world to be as unprincipled and rudderless as the politicians they campaigned against back in 1994. Unless they change course dramatically in the seven months between now and Election Day, they may well find themselves facing the same fate as the Democratic political dinosaurs of that year that they replaced."--- GOP "official"

(Quote lifted from here.)

I have voted in every local, state and national election that offered me a ballot since I was eighteen years old. I believed in exercising my political voice, lonely though it sometimes seemed to be. I didn't like a lot of what the politicians did, and my motto was "If you don't vote, don't bitch. You LET it happen." I voted and I bitched.

Where did that philosophy get me? I despise the legacy left by Franklin Roosevelt while it grows every day. I remain convinced that Ronald Reagan was one of the GREAT Presidents this country has seen, but even HE couldn't stick to his guns in the battle over Congressional spending and taxes. I am proud to be an American, but I fear and distrust my bloated, incompetent government.

THAT'S where caring got me.

Government dictates how much water my toilet can flush, but it doesn't have the balls to deal with illegal immigration. Something is terribly wrong with that picture. Government doesn't "serve" its citizens--- it TENDS them, as if citizens were dumb animals in a zoo. And it does a piss-poor job of that, except for feeding them a rich diet of bullshit.

I thought that things might change, that government might at least slow down its wild stampede over my personal liberty when George Bush was elected. Given a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, Bush had the reins in his hands, and I desperately hoped that he would prove to be an advocate of smaller, less intrusive government. I hoped that he took freedom seriously.

I am proof that there is, indeed, a sucker born every minute.

I'm not sorry that I voted for Bush (twice!)--- Al Gore or John Kerry were totally unacceptable alternatives in MY mind--- but I need to be dragged off and shot for wishfully thinking that who I voted for made a shit bit of difference in the long run. Bush is nothing more than the same old same old. Maybe that's all we can hope for anymore.

My daddy always preached that "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins." That was his way of saying Never Give Up. His advice might still apply to sporting contests or fistfights, but it ain't worth a damn in politics anymore, at least not where the average citizen is concerned. Government is a steamroller, and it will flatten anybody who gets in its way. That's what it DOES today. And I don't think it makes a rat's ass who is driving the damned thing.

I'm done. I give up. I quit.

I've cast my last vote.

Republicans had their chance to win ME for the rest of my life, but they blew it. And I'm a red-state member of their got-dam BASE, for cryin' out loud. If they've managed to drive ME from their tent, what does that say about the Republican party? It says a LOT, and none of it good.

I have one political ambition anymore--- I just want to stay out of the way of the government steamroller. That's IMPOSSIBLE, given the scope of government today, but it's just as worthy an ambition (and just as naive) as thinking that MY vote will EVER make a difference in where this country is headed. The die is cast. Resistance is futile.

From now on, politicians can run their dog-and-pony show without me. I don't matter anyway.


I'm sitting looking absolutely disgusted at the photos of hundreds of thousands of people in Dallas yesterday. The government LET these foreign nationals walk in, and now is too damn gutless to do anything about it.

I think we are sunk Rob. They can't FIND or administer folks outside the system, so the only thing the gov can focus on is people who own a house, hold a valid drivers license, et. et. Illegals are going to be ignored even walking down the middle of the road waving a mexican flag. Our ass is going to be prosecuted to the full extent ir we spit on the sidewalk.

Posted by: robert on April 10, 2006 09:37 AM

You'll be back.

Hillary is running in the next election.

Posted by: ErikZ on April 10, 2006 10:58 AM

I disagreed with almost everything that George Wallace said, but he was right when he said there's not a nickle's worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Posted by: Juan Paxety on April 10, 2006 11:30 AM

Yeah, I hear you. I voted for Bush the first time. I then voted for him a second because I figured, "Hey, he's got nothing to lose... he'll nuke/throw down now!" No pretty mushroom cloud. :(

I will vote for Condi should she decide to run. God help us all should Hitlary runs and wins; I already lose almost 400 bucks to fed out of my check as is and I don't see losing more to pay for fuckups.

Posted by: Cythen on April 10, 2006 01:31 PM


BTW--you haven't "quit"--da gummint quit, and you just realize you don't need that loser hanging around anymore.

Good call.

Posted by: jb on April 10, 2006 01:49 PM

I will no longer vote for a republican or a democrat but will cast my vote for a neolibertarian if there happens to be one on the ticket. If not I think I will write in ROB on it.

Posted by: GUYK on April 10, 2006 02:02 PM

(sigh).......Sadly, I understand your disgust. This ain't turning out to be the country I fought for. But, those of us who know how things are supposed to be can not give up.

I think we are going to see some bad times in the U.S., with war in the streets. Our government is full of pussies who do not want to pay the price now, but do not understand the losses that are going to occur later.

Right now, I'm living outside of the U.S., not really an expatriate, just where the good job was. I know that I will return in the next few years, and will start over at 62, 65, something like that. I will surely look for some place to live that openly allows me to keep weapons. 'cause I think I'm gonna need them.

Don't quit Rob, or they will come and get ya' eventually.


Posted by: Fac Man on April 10, 2006 05:34 PM

There's still libertarian candidates. Voting for them still earns you the right to bitch, and the chances of them actually winning and subsequently disappointing you are sufficiently remote as to make it a non-issue.

Plus it would make the Republicans awfully damn nervous to see the libertarians eating 3%, 5%, 7% directly out of their base. They'd start listening. Oh boy would they! 'Cause the'd be losing elections as a result.

I plan to vote Libertarian in just about every race they put up a candidate. More as a statement than anything. I do *not* like what has happened to *MY* Republican party, and I'm not going to let them think they can keep skating into statism like they have.

Posted by: Desert Cat on April 11, 2006 01:57 AM

You could always vote libertarian. The have absolutely NO chance for winning, but the more votes that they do get, the republicans and democrats get scared.

I have voted libertarian in most elections when I can, until the last one. I also voted for Bush, for the same reasons that you did.

Posted by: Richard on April 11, 2006 05:03 AM

Well, Bitch, for once you are absolutely

right: You don't matter any more, cause

you have stopped voting.

Posted by: TomCat on April 11, 2006 05:49 AM
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