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February 17, 2006

is it just me?

Is it just me, or does this article really have a snarky tone to it? It's from the New York Times, so I KNOW that it couldn't be biased, with a strong anti-Wal-Mart slant. The illustrious NYT would NEVER do something like that.


My opinion about Wal-Mart is simple: I shop there because I can get what I want at the lowest price I can find. That's all I need (or care) to know. (I'm just selfish that way. I've never worked for Wal-Mart nor owned any Wal-Mart stock.) The fact that "a group backed by unions" leaked the contents of Lee's Garage to the NYT says a lot to ME about the story, but maybe I'm just being suspicious.

I really don't see any dirt in this "expose." Change a couple of adjectives used by the writer and it could be a very positive story.

But I don't believe that it was meant to be.


Wal-Mart contributes to Republicans...hence all the furor. Plus they're the big dog.

Never hear one word about COSTCO which donates to Dems, huh?

Posted by: Maggie on February 17, 2006 07:13 PM

Are you sure you've never worked for Wal-Mart? There's evidence to the contrary.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on February 17, 2006 07:54 PM

Woa....That pic is kinda scary on some levels...

Posted by: Steph on February 17, 2006 09:39 PM

Damn, Ralph! I paid you $100 to NEVER show that pictureof me to ANYONE, ya bastid!

Posted by: Acidman on February 17, 2006 09:40 PM
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