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February 01, 2006


I want to make a few comments in response to the comments on the post below.

* I don't have Georgia red clay in my yard. I have SAND. The "high" in High Point Drive comes from the SAND HILL I live on. If you want to prep the soil for planting around here, you need to add everything but SAND.

* The high-nitrogen fertilizer is for the Silver Queen corn I'm going to plant. That fertilizer doesn't go into the garden until the corn is a couple of feet tall.

* Roundup kills plants when it is absorbed through the leaves, not the roots. It also breaks down in about 30 days. If I spray now and plant in late March, Roundup won't cause any problems in the garden.

* Peat moss is for pussies. Cow shit is cheaper and easier to get.

* Folks, it ain't like I've never grown a garden before. I once owned a mini-FARM, and I had a BIG garden there. A LOT bigger than a 30' X 20' plot.

* Trust me. I know what I'm doing (for a change).

I hope that clears up any questions you have...


"Peat moss is for pussies."
Has kind of an advertising slogan ring to it.

Posted by: BlogDog on February 1, 2006 09:24 AM

I'm trying to garden in an old hay field. Them grasses JUST DO NOT DIE. Tilling just makes 5 plants out of 1. I'm considering nuking the whole damn thing with roundup. What's the best way to apply it over a fairly large area?

Posted by: scott on February 1, 2006 10:07 AM

Wishing I had the space to plant like you do. I'm just going to have to settle for a couple of container grown veggies.

Posted by: Maeve on February 1, 2006 10:27 AM

Sounds like you know what you're doing to me. When it comes to gardening, I am completely clueless. I value any advice you give. Thanks!

By the way, did you happen to get a camera yet? Was just wondering how you're doing in that area.

Best -

Posted by: Braden on February 1, 2006 10:27 AM

Someone actually suggested peat moss over cow poop? Sheesh. I applauded your manure purchase.

When my father started a garden out behind his body shop, the former location of a sand pit, he started out by having guys who drove cow manure trucks for Cumberland Farms dump two or three 18 wheelers of manure in the designated spot.

Posted by: Jay on February 1, 2006 10:30 AM

Now that you have the worlds attention on your garden you still need to do one more thing. You will need a 12 foot high razor wire, electric fence to keep us out, Maybe fence in a couple of mean pit bulls...We all know that 'stolen' fresh fruit and veggie's are much better than the store bought junk.

Posted by: scrapiron on February 1, 2006 10:57 AM


Click on the "Round Up" link in Rob's original post, it'll take you to instructions.

One thing I've noticed is that herbacides work better on younger growth. Especially on broadleaf plants, if you cut them back (I take them to ground level with a weed eater) and then spray the young tender leaves that they put out they seem to die quicker. I've had some broadleaf plants that took three applications of 2, 4 D, but it's the only way to get rid of these noxious weeds.

Biodiversity is nonsense; I'm going for biomonotony.

Posted by: Gramps on February 1, 2006 11:46 AM

Nuf said!

Posted by: Maggie on February 1, 2006 02:37 PM

I used up the last of a jug of Round-Up in one day trying to kill off weeds from around my house and along the fence. Didn't work for shit, but it was an old jug.

While we were on vacation my neighbor cut our grass and took it on himself to do right what I'd done half-assed. That was last June, and I don't think anything grew back all summer. Maybe he just used a fresher batch of Round-Up than I had.

Posted by: McGehee on February 1, 2006 02:54 PM

Have Fun Acidman!

Sounds like the okra's gonna be 10 foot high in July!

Posted by: Nancy on February 1, 2006 03:59 PM

Yeah, sand is what I have also and it takes a lot of fertiliazer and a lot of damn water because the sand won't hold the water very long.

Posted by: GUYK on February 1, 2006 09:27 PM

The only cure for sand I know of is loads of shit. I once gardened the sand hills of Anoka County, so I should know. It sounds to me like you're on the right track.

Posted by: Desert Cat on February 1, 2006 10:01 PM

If ya take a piece of clear or black plastic and lay it out over the area ya want to put the garden it will get hot enough under it to kill everything. My ex was a hort type. It get's hot enough even here in OK for that to work. Also used ties for a raised bed. Put down gardening fabric and planted around it, snaked a soaker hose through that. Had almost no weeds and wow what a garden. What I used for soil, I went to my dad's and used his 4020 with a front end loader and went out into the woods and scooped up some dirt from there, years of rotting leafs black gold, then scooped up some cow poop from where he fed the cows. Grew tomatoes what would shade out bermuda grass. Local farmers are a better source for cow poop. Works better than the baged stuff.

Posted by: Hujonwi on February 3, 2006 05:46 AM

Beer induced brain fart alert!
My neighbor had his garden surrounded by hog wire. I wondered why until fall. He turned a couple of feeder pigs loose in there. Come spring, it's worked up, fertilized, and great pork chops. Another option.

Posted by: Hujonwi on February 3, 2006 05:53 AM
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