Gut Rumbles

January 05, 2006


Wow! Talk about a good football game? The Rose Bowl was exactly that: A see-saw nail-biter that went right down to the wire. I was rooting for Texas all the way, too, which made the outcome perfect.

My house guest fell out unconscious on my couch sometime during the 3rd quarter. I, on the other hand, experienced another bout of insomnia and stayed awake until almost 5:00 this morning. I let my guest sleep, because she was tired from working her ass off cleaning my pig sty house experiencing the many acts of chivalry and adoration that I showered upon her during the day.

How does she reward my Southern hospitality and my constant consideration? She calls me a faggot!. Just damn!

(UPDATE: Heh. I think she's changed her mind....)


It's ok, we still love you. Well, look in on you with morbid curiosity every now and then, anyway.

Posted by: Yogimus on January 5, 2006 01:17 PM

I wuz wonderin' how long it was gonna take for you to catch that!

Posted by: Lil Toni on January 5, 2006 01:25 PM

I read that too. Wasn't surprised though.

Posted by: Jane on January 5, 2006 01:42 PM

I'da at least titty-fucked her.

Posted by: Bane on January 5, 2006 01:50 PM

Stop following me Bane! Everywhere I go, there you are!

Posted by: Jane on January 5, 2006 02:04 PM

Who are you?

Posted by: Bane on January 5, 2006 02:35 PM

Wow maybe you are a fag. I just read her post that you linked and checked out her pictures. I would do that in a heartbeat.

Posted by: Brian on January 5, 2006 02:38 PM

Sure glad you finally got around to takin' care of bidness!!

Posted by: Michele on January 5, 2006 02:44 PM

Did you unleash those big floppy hooters?

Posted by: rightisright on January 5, 2006 04:18 PM

Good Lord!!
At least you got a clean house out of it.
And that was one hell of a game!! Boy, am I glad that Texas won.

Posted by: UziQ on January 5, 2006 05:04 PM

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. Can't wait to hear what happens next!


Posted by: blondage on January 5, 2006 05:14 PM

Nice work Acidman.

Make a fat sniveling ho' with no self-respect or self-esteem get naked, scrub your toilets and BEG YOU for the bone. If that isn't the plot of a cheap porn, I am the Pope.

A cherry on the top would have been if you duct taped her whiny trap shut while you banged her leather Cheerio. YEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!!!!

Posted by: buttmunch on January 5, 2006 07:04 PM old person having sex........

Posted by: Gahrie on January 5, 2006 08:21 PM

Rob, you get the most wretched trolls. Kinda like the stuff Dear Livey cleaned from up under the rims of your toilets.

What worthless assholes they are. No blog themselves (that they have the balls to share, anyway) and acting like sniveling little snots.

Posted by: Bane on January 5, 2006 08:49 PM

Hook 'em Horns!

Posted by: Morris William on January 5, 2006 09:49 PM

hey wait a's nice that you had an opportunity to let Roscoe out of his cage and all (I assume), and even that Texas beat the #1 rated Communist Republik of Californistan.

But what the hell? Not even one word about your beloved dawgs?

Spit it out A-man. You gotta give West Virginia some credit. I've never seen a team come on as strong in the first quarter as those guys did.

Those boys came to play ball.

Posted by: marcl on January 6, 2006 08:16 AM

Hey, Acidman. If your houseguest gets really fed up with you, or if you know any other "wimmin" like her, please pass on my e-mail. Despite the recent efforts of my son, my bachelor pad probably needs cleaned up as much as yours. Maybe if I had a hot tub...

Posted by: Glenn on January 8, 2006 09:32 PM
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