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September 27, 2005

the cone of silence

Just damn! don adams is dead. Maxwell Smart was one of my heroes as a boy. I thought the show was funny as hell.

I never knew that he was a Marine in WWII.

Adios, Max.


my dad was IN LOVE with barbara feldon from that show. as a non-lesbian lover of women, i have to admit, she was pretty damn sexy.

Posted by: erica on September 27, 2005 06:49 AM

As well as the babe, he ran a damn fine car as I recall. A Sunbeam Tiger, which was the Alpine sports car with a Ford V8 in it.

Posted by: robert in england on September 27, 2005 07:32 AM


Could you follow up on this one ?. The math doesn't work. According to the news he was 82 when he died but per the article he was 16 in 1943 which makes his birth year 1927 and he would be 78 when he died. Did someone put together an urban legend ?

Posted by: chris on September 27, 2005 07:49 AM

I loved that show. I especially loved the way that Don Adams subtly ridiculed all the snobby English James Bond movies that were all the rage during "Get Smart"'s prime.
I still get a huge laugh after all these years when I see the re-runs. As clever today as they were in the sixties.

Some of Don's sayings have gone down in the language forever: "Sorry 'bout that, Chief", " Would you believe .....(etc)? No?, well then would you believe........(considerably less)"

Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 was a stunner, and a perfect foil for the bumbling Maxwell Smart.

Farewell, and thanks for the many laughs. RIP Don.

Posted by: Henry Blowfly on September 27, 2005 07:52 AM

Yea, would you beleive my brother-in-law was with him during the war. I guess it was SE Asia because the bro had white hair from malaria.
Ever see the one about the chinese bad guy named the Craw? Very funny.
The chinaman appears in a black silk robe with a metal hook coming out of one sleeve. 86 says "Da CRAW!"
The chinaman, holding out the hook says "Not da Craw, da CRAW!"

Posted by: Ivan Ivanovich on September 27, 2005 10:06 AM

Don Adams was born in 1923. Wikipedia has a good biography:

Posted by: Henry Blowfly on September 27, 2005 11:52 AM

Even more astounding is that he was a freakin' Marine Corps Drill Instructor!
That's almost a "would you believe..?" sketch.
But the obits say it's true.
Imagine fucking up and having Maxwell Smart putting a boot (err... shoe phone...) up yer ass.......

Posted by: Horrabin on September 27, 2005 10:09 PM
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