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August 11, 2005

deviled crab

For yankees and inlanders who don't know what deviled crab is, I'm going to enlighten you. It's a damn fine, tasty meal. I catch my own crabs in the creek where they live, but you can buy crab meat, already cooked, in almost any grocery store.

If you're using fresh crabs, boil them in a pot of water for 15 minutes on the stove with plenty of salt and seafood seasoning.

Pick out the crab meat, put it in a bowl and throw away everything except the top shell on the crab.

Mix one egg (maybe TWO if you had a good day crabbing) a splash of milk, some diced Videlia onion, maybe some diced bell pepper and a handful of cracker crumbs with the crab meat in the bowl.

Stir it all up into a nice goo, while adding celery salt and some more seasoning.

Pack the crab shells with the goo, put them on a baking sheet and pop them into the oven at 350 degrees.

Bake until they are brown on top (usually about 15 to 20 minutes).

You will NEVER taste anything better in your life if you like crab meat.

(UPDATE: You can play with this recipe all you want to. Add diced celery. Tabasco Sause is good. Put anything in there that you like to eat--- just don't forget the egg and the cracker crumbs. That's what holds the whole thing together.)


Use kosher salt in the water. Gives it a less metallic flavor.

I also add paprika for color, and just a touch of diced celery for crunch.

Posted by: Yogimus on August 11, 2005 10:20 PM

Hey, thanks! I wonder if a dash or two of tabasco would hurt? I'm gonna try this as soon as I go crabbin again.

Posted by: GUYK on August 11, 2005 10:23 PM

Hell, that's what we call stuffed crabs. Try using Ritz cracker crumbs. And maybe just a little shredded cheese, along with the rest of your recipe.

Posted by: Pawpaw on August 11, 2005 10:50 PM

NO CELERY. Celery perverts everything it touches.

Only thing it's good for is a Bloody Mary stir stick. Or maybe to dip in bleu cheese with your hot wings.

To me, crabs, shrimp, mussels and lobster taste the best with drawn butter mixed with a hint of garlic and NOTHING else.

But I may have to give the Cracker Ass Crab Recipe a shot.

Posted by: rightisright on August 11, 2005 11:03 PM

Heh heh... Rob says he has "crabs."


Posted by: GORDON on August 11, 2005 11:04 PM

And yogimus, what the hell is the difference between Kosher salt and regular salt (beside being blessed by some dude in a wierd hat and funky hair)?

I is not bein' facetious, I just done thought all salt was NaCl.

Posted by: rightisright on August 11, 2005 11:05 PM

I put crab meat in my deviled eggs.

Posted by: Maeve on August 11, 2005 11:19 PM

The only real difference between Kosher salt and regular table salt is the size of the crystal, with the Kosher salt being bigger. Table salt also has fillers to keep the salt crystals from clumping together, the larger size of the Kosher salt crystals makes that unnecessary (although some brands still add fillers).

Posted by: Michael on August 12, 2005 12:07 AM

Never had it, quit making me hungry!

Posted by: livey on August 12, 2005 01:36 AM

UUUMMM -- sounds wonderful!

Posted by: Marianne on August 12, 2005 03:26 AM

Hey Rob... It's VIDALIA not Vedalia. (spelling police) :)

Posted by: johndeerebilly on August 12, 2005 04:34 AM

Gordon beat me to it...



Posted by: Misty on August 12, 2005 05:19 AM

I always add a little Old Bay to mine.

Posted by: Maggie on August 12, 2005 07:15 AM

Or, make the goo into a small patty and pan fry for a simple crab cake. They will be the best crab cakes you ever had if the crab was truly fresh, but don't try it with that imitation shit. (Though my great aunt used to add a little mayo to the goo before frying. I still remember going out to the pier in her backyard and pulling up the crab trabs and harvesting blue crabs for dinner that night.)

Posted by: Mythilt on August 12, 2005 08:33 AM "Yankees" (as you like to call us) have shoreline too and hence we know a thing or two about seafood and how to prepare it. Why some of the best seafood (and seafood recipes) hail from New England....Southerners didnt invent "deviled crab" for crissakes....

And although it must PAIN you to hear this, outside of the states, ALL Americans are referred to as YANKS (even YOU Rob!)

Posted by: Ruth on August 12, 2005 08:55 AM

I always liked a large dash of English mustard. In Baltimore they add mayo, chopped bell peppers, old bay, pimentos and call it Crab Imperial. Personally, I think the simpler the better. Rob's recipe brings out the best in good crabmeat.

Posted by: Dishonorable Schoolboy on August 12, 2005 10:23 AM

How do you get any meat out of them little bitty crabs you guys get down there? Seems a waste of time to me. I got 6 dungeness crab the other day after pulling crab pots -- I don't boil them, I steam them. I got about 2/3 of a gallon of meat out of those 6 dungies. Crab stuffed mushrooms are good, probably could use your recipe, but use shrooms instead of the crab shell.

Posted by: Alaska Kim on August 12, 2005 11:57 AM

rightisright and Michael:IIRC, Kosher salt has no iodine added; table salt does. Shellfish usually contains iodine (crabs for sure), so cooking it with table salt is taking coals to Newcastle.Rob, you wrote "seafood seasoning." What's that, Old Bay seasoning?

Posted by: Scott Crawford on August 12, 2005 10:50 PM

"Kosher" salt is sea or rock salt that is mined or harvested. It brings out flavor better than salt, without making things actually taste "salty". Give it a shot, it's hard to describe, but the difference is definitely there.

As for celery perverting everything it touches: What's wrong with being perverted?

Posted by: Yogimus on August 13, 2005 02:14 AM

Just went crabbing here in Florida and caught about 9 dozen blue crabs. I was checking internet for recipes for deviled crabs although I have one from "Seabreeze Restaurant " in Tampa Bay which is now closed and we miss their deviled crabs. They were the best. Some of these recipies that folks mentioned sound good too.

Posted by: Fidge on August 22, 2005 06:16 PM

If you have the Seabreeze recipe for Deviled Crabs, POST IT SO THE REST OF US POOR SLOBS CAN TRY IT.

Posted by: Art Arnold on April 9, 2009 01:02 AM
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