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August 09, 2005

why i quit drinking wine

I once LOVED White Zinfandel, and I am such a heathen that I bought in in five-liter boxes. It was like having a wine-tap in my refrigerator. When I wanted a glass, it was there. I bought some really nice, impressive wine glasses, too.

I haven't taken a drink of wine in more than six months now. I don't want it anymore, because it upsets my delicate belly. I once believed that wine was ESSENTIAL with good seafood or well-cooked chicken, but I don't now. I don't mind other people drinking it (my Mama never drank much, but she liked a glass of wine in the evenings) but it's just not for me anymore.

I buy beer by the six-pack now instead of the case. That stuff may sit in my refrigerator for a couple of weeks before I drink it all. I want a beer ONLY on special occasions. Yesterday, I ate a bag full of Krystal cheeseburgers and a bowl of chili. THAT was a beer-worthy occasion. I drank my last Shiner Bock to wash the meal down.

I haven't quit drinking, but I just don't like the stuff I once drank all the time anymore. Georgia was pissed at me when she and Recondo came over to the house a couple of days ago. I told her that I had some beer and she could help herself to what she wanted.

She opened the refrigerator and pitched a hissy-fit. "Smith! This isn't BEER! You've got Shiner Bock, Red Stripe and Sam Adams! Where's the Busch you used to have?"

I don't stock that shit anymore, and after a couple, even Georgia admitted that Shiner is damn good beer.


Almost everybody slacks off the drinking as they get older. I don't drink nearly as much as I used to. Now a bottle of sour mash lasts me three or four months and and a twelve pack of beer lasts that long unless my boys show up.

Posted by: PawPaw on August 9, 2005 04:46 PM

Could that be what eventually kills us? I'm getting older now and the desire is fading...

My step-father is 82 or 83 and drinks 3-4 martinis every day and is doing mother lived to 82 with the same regimen...I should only hope that I live nearly as long! And no, I'm not serious about it helping us live longer.

Just found your site from Steve at Love it...keep up the good work!

Posted by: JJW on August 9, 2005 04:54 PM

"I haven't taken a drink of wine in more than six months now. I don't want it anymore, because it upsets my delicate belly. "
"Yesterday, I ate a bag full of Krystal cheeseburgers and a bowl of chili."

I don't understand how your "delicate belly" can handle that onion and grease-fest, gas-producing meal but can't take a glass of wine.....

Posted by: Suz on August 9, 2005 05:03 PM

I don't either, Suz. But it's a fact.

Posted by: Acidman on August 9, 2005 05:05 PM

Some people have trouble with wines that contain sulphites (or sulfites). You might try finding a bottle of wine that states that it contains no sulfites.

Typically, red wines contain less sulfites than white ones, or so I'm told.

Posted by: Hank on August 9, 2005 05:26 PM

Have you tried the German Mossels? The better ones are not reenforced or blended and have a fairly low alcohol content-about like drinking 3.2 beer. Not as acidy as most American whites nor the German Rhines. I used to like them.

Posted by: GUYK on August 9, 2005 05:39 PM

The romantic evening at home:

Candles from Pier 1 - $20

Mesclun mixed greens salad, grilled Tuscan-style tuna steaks and grilled portabellos stuffed with smoked mozarella - $60

Really nice, impressive wine glasses full of white zinfandel from a box - priceless.

Posted by: Arcs on August 9, 2005 05:43 PM

White Zin is NOT WINE. It is possum piss!
Try some lovely Italian or Australian wines.
And yes, the reds are MUCH better than the whites.
Hell, try J. Lhor chardonay if you must have a white. They make decent wine.

Posted by: Maeve on August 9, 2005 06:03 PM

Try yourself a gallon of Richard's Wild Irish Rose. It won't hurt your belly. Matter of fact, nothing will hurt when you get done with it. :-)

Posted by: Assrot on August 9, 2005 06:27 PM

I like beer, especially Corona with a bunch of lime. Someone brought over some Cream Sherry a few weeks ago, I tried small glass of it and it kicked me in the pants. Really bad. Think I'll stick with the beer.

Posted by: Alaska Kim on August 9, 2005 07:08 PM

I drink red wine for the antioxidants! ;o)

Posted by: Suz on August 9, 2005 09:04 PM

Just when I start thinking you and I really do have things in common, you post something like this. White zin? Sigh. Someday we will enjoy a nice '97 Cask 23 together and you will know the error of your ways...

Posted by: Ole Eichhorn on August 9, 2005 09:25 PM

Your so full of it . Luv


Posted by: georgia on August 9, 2005 10:03 PM


You sly dog! Still trying to come up with one of those "sleeper" posts where a blogger writes about something mundane and gets slammed with a zillion comments? Knocking wine was a good one but it still doesn't match the fellow who pontificated about can openers.

Posted by: sue on August 10, 2005 06:30 AM

White zinfandel is like kool-aid with alchohol. I drink red wine regularly (I am in the wine business). I had my physical last month and my PSA was 1.0 and I am 57! My dad died of prostate cancer. I think the red wine keeps my PSA low.

Posted by: JPC on August 10, 2005 09:45 AM

Other way around, Hank.

All grapes have natural sulfites in the stems, seeds, and skins. Sulfites are often added to preserve the (red) color. Most white wines have no sulfites added. A wine that says "no sulfites" usually means none have been added--the naturally occuring ones are still there.

While a very few people have dangerous allergic reactions to sulfites, most who claim to be allergic to them are blowhards who didn't bother to spend the money on an allergist for a test. They FEEL they are allergic. You can recognize such by the cry: "I get headaches when I drink red wine." Well, so do I, when I overindulge.

Another example of the inflation of rhetoric, where "sensitivity" is enlarged unto "allergy."

The vanity behind making one's health a constant subject of conversation as though it must be of riveting interest to everyone one encounters speaks to our vacuous times.

Posted by: Brett on August 10, 2005 05:23 PM
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