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May 27, 2005

i wouldn't convict her

I don't know about the horsewhip (although my parents probably would have used one on ME if they owned one at the time), but the caning seems perfectly appropriate to me. I liked this part of the article:

When the boy was returned to school after the caning, he was more willing to get on with his punishment, said the witness.

No shit. I TOLD you about that nerve that runs from a young boy's ass straight to his brain. Stimulate THAT, and you get some attention. But you have to do it at a young age.

Once young boys hit the age of about 15, that nerve running straight to the brain moves to a different part of their anatomy, and they'll do their own spanking from then on. You've got to get 'em early or.... never mind--- I am digressing.

I like the mama's attitude:

But she told a social worker the boy was "a little arsehole".

Too many parents can't see that trait in their children, even though everybody else can.

(Thanks to tincanman for the link.)

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