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April 24, 2005

worth the thrill?

Here's just one more reason NEVER to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. The guy must have done something wrong to kill himself that way, but that's the problem with jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

You get only one bad mistake.



Posted by: Yabu on April 24, 2005 01:44 PM

I once asked an airborne member,..a friend of mine,..why he'd jump out of a perfectly good airplane, He said,"I've never seen a perfectly good airplane!"

Posted by: Mark on April 24, 2005 01:48 PM

I did that once, and as you say, it was not a perfectly good airplane. Held together with baling wire and duct tape. It was quite a rush, but I think once was enough.

Posted by: Don on April 24, 2005 02:36 PM

Robert jumped out of an airplane back when he was young. He said it was the experience of a lifetime. Of course, he came out of it alive with limbs intact.

The guy's name was Albert WING III. Done in by a wing. Very creepy.

Posted by: Joni on April 24, 2005 03:26 PM

It sounds as though death was caused by pilot error. The plane seems to have flown into him on the way down.

Posted by: joel on April 24, 2005 05:14 PM

I was never a paratrooper, but midway through my first assault landing in a C-130 I was ready to jump out, parachute or no parachute! I'm told that one of the benefits of jumping through the prop blast is that it scours the puke off your shirt. I had to make do with handfuls of sand once I was on the ground.

Posted by: John Stephens on April 24, 2005 05:55 PM

I've made exactly 11 jumps, all but one with the Hunsville AL Sport Parachute Club. (misspelling intentional)
I don't think I'd do it again, being much older and scareder of gettin kilt, but I was talking to a prissy old guy who used to live next door, once, and mentioned that to him. He averred that he had made only 12 jumps himself, but that Number 12 was at about 3 o'clock in the morning, in Normandy, on June 6, 1944. He said it was all very crazy, even after landing, running around with a Thompson and shooting everyone he saw.

Posted by: Justthisguy on April 27, 2005 11:41 PM
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