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March 27, 2005

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I want to thank Richard Basile for this link. I still have a domestic violence order hanging over my head, even though I never committed any domestic violence. I never hit, pushed, threatened or did ANYTHING physically intimidating against my ex-wife, but she's a sharp cookie and knew what she could do to me with one simple phone call.

She didn't have to prove anything. Once I was accused, I was guilty. I haven't had visitation with my son for more than a year now because of that. In Georgia, that shit is pretty well cut and dried, even though I had been divorced from the woman for almost two years at the time and had NO CONTACT with her whatsoever. I'm still a criminal.

I like what this judge said. I wish judges thought the same way in Georgia.

Domestic violence charges cannot be filed against unmarried people because of Ohio's recently enacted definition of marriage, a judge ruled Wednesday.

May Bejus bless him for having a lick of sense.

Frederick's public defender, David Magee, had asked the judge to throw out the domestic violence charge because of the new wording in Ohio's constitution that prohibits any state or local law that would "create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals."

Before the amendment, courts applied the domestic violence law by defining a family as including an unmarried couple living together as would a husband and wife, the judge said.

Now courts can't do that because of the gay marriage amendment, Friedman wrote.

This whole gay marriage thing just keeps sounding better and better to me. I haven't lived with my ex-wife since July 13, 2001. We were divorced in October, 2001. She STILL controls as much of my life as I do, and sometimes even MORE than I do. That is just plain WRONG. I don't know why this kind of shit has been allowed to go on for as long as it has, but maybe enough people are becoming aware of the injustice here to start making some noise.

I hope so. I'm tired of being fucked by the system.


Your son is young. That's not so much a "control" as it is something that hurts your kid; and puts you in a postion of being helpless.

But what if you befriended a kid he plays with? What if you found your way "inside" his life through others?

It's not so hard. It has potential down the line. As your son will turn to others, anyway. And, if he's lucky he'll find a friend, a mentor. And, perhaps someone else besides mommy hel'll learn to trust.

My son called me last night. I've been divorced since he's 18 months old. He's passed 25 now.

And, I've always lived within a mile or so of my ex. Who remarried. And, who has other kids. A girl, in college, and away from home (at Berkeley). And, a son soon to be 18.

The parents went off to Vegas; and came home a day early. Last night. To find a party going on at their house. Newly built, yet. So, my son got the phone call that his brother is forbidden to go from Pasadena to San Diego, to see him, t'marra.

Why? Oh. The kid is grounded. (And, he can't drink until he turns 21.) RIIGHT.

I divorced my ex because I couldn't live with this putz. But I understood the more access my son got, plus the more accommodating me and my mom were; we wouldn't cure my ex of being a putz. But my son wold grow into being a good man. With lots of understanding.

So? San Diego is out? Telephones work just the same.

Does your son pay a price for the princess you selected? Hey. My egg has no complaints. I wanted a bright man. And, I got one. That he didn't live me? Yup. But that's all he wrote.

After that I just generally turn my ass and fart in the direction of most judges. Interchangable with Hollywood celebrities, in my book.

And, life's lessons? WOW. This is a joy to teach. We live in a complex world where things go bump in the night. And, we can learn from all the things that make us very unhappy.

Except for the courthouse, and your hurt feelings, your wife's on empty. Kids grow up. And, boys know when they've been denied access to other family members. Comes with the territory.

How old does a boy have to be to find you? The older they get the more mobile they are. (And, in the interim you should look at the list of people your kid comes into contact with. You never know when someone will show you access to the light.)

Posted by: Carol Herman on March 27, 2005 06:28 PM
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