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February 24, 2005

another one

This one comes from the straight white guy

Mars, Venus, and the Truth of the Matter...

… in our society, a powerful evil is afoot… insidious and rank… fouling the anchors of our stability… moldering away at the foundation of our humanity…
Feminism... slowly, but surely, this devious beast is being beaten.. I am not losing hope...

… this particular evil began innocently enough… housing itself in the noble idea of equal rights… “Men and Women should be equal”, pontiffs declared.. they should be treated the same.. at work.. in the military… in school… indeed, a dignified cause.. Men and Women are THE SAME, we were told… bras
were burnt, politicians thumped their chests, and a generation marched…

…. Heh… there… did you notice that?.. no?… let me point it out to you… “Men
and Women should be equal.”… and then, “Men and Women are THE SAME”..
an interesting trick… and a common mistake… one is true, and one is false…

… this common mistake has grown from humble beginnings into a monster
that destroys relationships, crashes business, scandalizes the military, and
drives a wedge of mistrust into our hearts… this miscommunication has spawned a legion of women who have forgotten what it is like to be a woman….

… you see, the vile Trojan Horse has unleashed the hidden danger… when
we all try to be the same, we lose that fire inside us…we lose our happiness…
we lose our edge.. thankfully, we are beginning to witness the Truth… we are
experiencing a sort of backlash… women are putting sexy underwear back on..
shaving their pits, and seeking a guy who treats them like a Princess…
(a Princess – not an idiot).. after years of feminism, the wake-up bells are
sounding… Men and Women are NOT the same… as a matter of fact, the sexes
appreciate, enjoy, and cultivate those differences…

… sweeping generalizations aside, the idea of the feminine and the masculine
does not always relate to the actual sex of the person… from the dawn of time, it has been easy to scroll down a list of characteristics and label each of them as belonging to a man or a woman… today, it is not so easy… you cry?.. female… you are aggressive?… male…the truth is, these assumptions have never been correct… they are the flawed translations of Victorian romance novels and the rise of Roman Democracy… you want aggressive?… I have
seen women fly into a rage that could melt glass…a male trait?… hardly.. but
just because we often share the same disposition, our differences are still

… the truth of the matter is this.. human beings are animals… social creatures… we love, lust, fear, covet… and more than anything, we want to fit into our social niche.. we crave acceptance… usually this is done by following the lines of behavior set out by our predecessors.. barring physical limitations, our sociological roles are determined by our culture.. raging hormones are a factor, but testosterone and estrogen can’t hold a candle to peer pressure…

… as a Southerner, my preferences in Women were shaped by visions of
Scarlett O’Hara in flowing crinolines.. and Elly May Clampett in short-shorts and pigtails… and all that BOTH of them represented… as a youngster having read too much Byron, I held every woman up like a jewel and was consumed by their presence.. as a Marine, I learned that Women could be more vicious, crafty, and dangerous that a bag full of vipers…

… as a Husband, I finally understood that the differences between Man
and Woman are the things that appeal to us.. they are the reason that we find
each other so attractive and appealing.. opposites do attract…

For a damned Jarhead, Eric has a poetic bone or two in his body.


I'd be in wit em' if they'd only start earning as much as men and at least register for the Draft. Then, if they'd only shut up once.... I know, we've lost. It is written, or something.

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on February 24, 2005 08:43 PM
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