Gut Rumbles

February 11, 2005

well, i took the test

Which Family Guy character are you?

Actually, except for the wheelchair (which I won't need for at least another year or so) the results are pretty accurate.


Hell..I'm the damn dog.....

Posted by: Gahrie on February 11, 2005 08:25 PM

I am the dog (a dog?) too. He is one of the saner characters...

Posted by: kartattack on February 11, 2005 08:28 PM

I'm Lois. Not bad.

Posted by: Becky on February 11, 2005 09:24 PM

Just call me Peter.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on February 11, 2005 10:39 PM

Don't call me Stewie, Rover.

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on February 12, 2005 05:21 AM

Shit. I'm Lois, too.

Posted by: Jeff Westfahl on February 12, 2005 11:33 AM

I think I killed it.

Posted by: McGehee on February 13, 2005 06:23 PM
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