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February 01, 2005


A lot of people don't like what I write and I receive a lot of criticism that borders on insult, if I took any of that shit seriously. I am accustomed to being called a "redneck" a "racist" a "hillbilly" and an inbred deviate. I have plenty of "stupid," "ignorant," "dumb," and "brain-dead" to last me a lifetime.

But occassionally an insult really hurts. I don't like to be called "shallow." That really bothers me. I also don't like to be called "common" because I don't believe that I am. "Loathsome" is another one that gets me. I often weep when I read such things.

I there is one thing I can say for myself in this life, it's that I am not shallow and I am not common. Loathsome may be open to debate, but I'm willing to take that one on. I write what I write, and if you don't like it, don't read it. Seems pretty simple to me, loathsome though I am.

I personally believe that I'm a damned good guy.



You are definately not common or shallow. Loathsome is a personal feeling that somebody has about somebody or something. You have no control over their feelings about you; lump it in with the other namecalling.

I don't always agree with you, although I usually keep it to myself. I feel that these people who have to resort to petty name calling are either just trying to get your goat (I believe rednecks use them as lawnmowers -- cheaper), or they are so poisoned by hate that the world that they live in avoids and excludes them.


Posted by: Ray Smith on February 1, 2005 04:09 PM

Do you delete ‘comments’ that you don’t like? I didn’t think so. You seemed upset with the words “shallow”, “common”, and “loathsome” when applied to you. The only post that I could find that came close would be the one from Theodora. About the only thing you can say about her is that she uses ‘spell check’. You didn’t strike me as someone with a ‘thin skin’ and certainly not someone who would ever take themselves too seriously. Anyway, I don’t necessarily agree with you on many things but I do enjoy your postings/writings

Posted by: Joe Owen on February 1, 2005 04:25 PM


# Having no special designation, status, or rank: a common sailor.

1. Not distinguished by superior or noteworthy characteristics; average: the common spectator.
2. Of no special quality; standard: common procedure.
3. Of mediocre or inferior quality; second-rate: common cloth.

# Unrefined or coarse in manner; vulgar: behavior that branded him as common.

Posted by: Does Truth Hurt? on February 1, 2005 04:34 PM

Stupid, braindead, ignorant - maybe. But never common or shallow. That would be below the belt.

Posted by: Dash on February 1, 2005 05:02 PM

"I often weep when I read such things."

Posted by: Thomas on February 1, 2005 05:14 PM

Aw you know that at least 90% of us like ya just the way you are A-Man. Hell you can't please everyone so fuck that other 10%.

But your post reminded me of a song by Todd Snider (you may have heard of him because he used to open gigs for John Prine). It's called "Alright Guy" (with a link to the guitar tab at the end)

You know just the other morning I was hanging around inside my house
I had that new book with pictures of Madonna Naked I was checking it out
Just then a friend of mine Came through the door
Said she never pegged me for a scumbag before
She said she didn't ever wanna see me anymore
And I still don't know why

I think I'm an alright guy
I think I'm an alright guy
I just wanna live unitll I gotta die
I know I aint perfect but God knows I try
I think I'm an alright guy
I think I'm alright

Now maybe I'm dirty and maybe I smoke a little dope
But it aint like I'm going on T.V. and tearing up pictures of the Pope
I know I get wild and I know I get drunk
But it aint like I gotta lot of bodies in my trunk
My old man used to call me a no good punk
And I still don't why


You know just the other night these cops pulled me over outside a bar
They turned on their lights and said hey kid get ot of the car
I was only joking when I called em a couple of dicks
but still they made me do the stupid human tricks
And now I'm stuck in this jail cell with a bunch of dumb hicks
And I still don't why

Chorus twice

Guitar Tab ->

Posted by: marcl on February 1, 2005 07:58 PM

I don't think you're common. I think you're hilarious, most of the time. I like the grittier, mean stuff, though, and I like Southerners. People can say all they want about us, but we're great people... until you get on our bad side.

Posted by: Adam Lawson on February 1, 2005 10:50 PM

A-Man, you loathesome, common, shallow

Posted by: BJK on February 1, 2005 10:54 PM

Despite the significant talents and superior abilities some of us possess, we are all unfortunately common. Death doesn't reject any of us based on overqualification.

Posted by: Renee on February 2, 2005 10:32 AM
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