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January 29, 2005

indecent proposals

I'll admit that television shows a lot more crap today than it did when I was growing up. And by "crap," I mean exactly that--- pure, unmitigated, puerile, juvenile, low-brow, trashy SHIT. We've gone from watching Ricky and Lucy sleep in separate beds to seeing Janet Jackson's bare tit at the Super Bowl, and I don't think the changes have been for the better.

I don't like the coarseness and the immature, giggly approach to sex I see on television today. Our "adult" programming appears to be written by and geared toward horny teenage boys and their masturbatory fantasies. Most of it has all the sophistication of a bad fart joke.

I don't watch it. But if that's what YOU like, I'm not going to tell you that you can't waste your brain that way. Hell, it's your brain and your television. Do what you want to with both.

That's why I believe that the FCC has no business playing Censor of the Airwaves. The best censor of all is the channel selector on YOUR TV, and people don't watch what they don't like. If a show cannot attract an audience, it doesn't stay on the air very long.

But if it DOES attract an audience, a lot of people must like it even though I don't. I'm not going to protest about the show. I just won't watch it. And I've never had anyone hold a gun to my head and FORCE me to watch something I didn't want to see.

According to a transcript of the interview taped on Thursday, Bush said that whomever succeeds Powell must carefully balance free-speech rights against the need to hold companies to account for programming that is "over the line."

"My answer would be, if I were interviewing an FCC chairman, 'Please tell me where the line is, and make sure you protect the capacity of people to speak freely in our society, but be willing to -- if things get too far, call them to account,"' Bush said.

The only place I would draw such a line is at an ambush. Call your new comedy "Tits and Ass With Dick on Board" and display full frontal nudity. Be as raunchy as you want. If you draw an audience, good for you--- but at least that audience KNOWS that it's tuning in for tits, ass and dick.

DO NOT give me nekkid titties at the Super Bowl or one of those teaser T&A Monday Night Football openings again. People don't watch those programs to giggle over the slime content. It's supposed to be a football game, not "Gridiron Sex." Some people watch with their children, too, and they don't want to be slimed in that situation. Please--- no stealth T&A.

Even then, I would draw a faint line. I still believe that the marketplace will police itself and if enough people are disgusted by surprise gridiron sex, they'll stop watching the games. Then, the networks lose money. After much hyperventilation when seeing the bottom line, the networks stop doing that shit.

I don't want the FCC saying what can and cannot be shown on television. Allow people to decide what they want to watch. And if tits and ass and dick are what they want, just accept the fact that we live in a debased culture full of unrequited sex-maniacs and get on with your life. You don't have to crawl into the shit with them.

I just don't like the idea that someone in government may stand up and declare himself Moral Arbitor of what ANYONE can see on television. How does that happen? The stealth T&A episodes are what started this ball rolling. The network stroke-boys were having so much fun playing in shit elsewhere, that they just couldn't resist allowing it to spill over into a place it didn't belong.

That was a mistake.


Man, I stopped watching the Superbowl halftimes when they started putting crap on I didn't care to watch . I guess I'm just a dinosaur, kinda like Hank Jr's song...

Posted by: Gmac on January 29, 2005 09:51 PM

This post oughta be required reading for anyone in either the government or the media.

Don't tell me what I can or cannot watch.

Don't surprise me with content I wasn't expecting.

How fucking hard is that?

Posted by: Elisson on January 29, 2005 10:12 PM

Okay, here's where I call bullshit.

Everybody got their panties in a bunch over Janet's tit and the Nicole Sheridan towel thing. Fair point, or it would be if the same level of bitching occurred for fucking centuries over the advertisising that actually PAYS for the big game.

Christ, commercials during football games has been nothing but tits n' ass and fart jokes since time immemorial. Nobody gave much of a shit then. I wonder why people do during the half-time show, which everybody KNOWS is the time for a quickie blowjob.....

Maybe it's just me.

Posted by: skippystalin on January 29, 2005 10:32 PM

Very well put.

The channel changer is the only form of censorship my household needs. I'm an adult. I can make the decisions as to what is offensive and what is not for my family. I don't need some pinhead in DC telling me what to watch, read or hear.

Posted by: The Other Mike S on January 31, 2005 11:28 AM
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