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January 28, 2005

fair enough

Three questions:

1) Do you blog for yourself, or do you blog for what you believe others will think of you?

I've read a lot of people who announce proudly that "I BLOG ONLY FOR MYSELF!" and I call bullshit every time. If you wrote only for yourself, you wouldn't put your writing on the internet. You'd do like Emily Dickinson and poke your work into knotholes, wall-cracks and other hiding places. The fact that you blog at all tells me that ego is involved, so don't throw a sanctimonious lie at me.

I blog for myself because I enjoy doing it. But I damn sure enjoy the attention I get, too. I WANT other people to read me and think that I write well. If THIS tree falls in the woods, it wants somebody around to hear it.

2) Do you want people to read your personal thoughts and opinions, or do you want the traffic?

Both. I'm not one bit shy about posting my personal opinions on just about any topic you can name, and I believe that I am correct a lot more than I'm mistaken in what I see as "truth" in the world. But I'm also a natural-born showman and storyteller who enjoys playing to a crowd. The bigger the crowd, the more I like it.

I do not write FOR traffic. I don't sit down and think... "what can I do to attract more readers?" I stick with what I've always believed about a blog: "if you build it, they will come."

It's a free lunch here, but I try to put good food on the table. That brings 'em back for more.

3) What do you hope to gain from blogging?

I've already gained more from blogging than I ever thought I would. I probably would have killed myself three years ago if I hadn't discovered blogging. Life was not fun back then, and I was a walking volcano, ready to erupt at any time. THIS SITE became an outlet for my rants and allowed me to vent some of the poison that was killing me. My blog saved my life, and I am NOT making that shit up.

I've made some new friends, met a lot of interesting people and actually received offers of sexual favors from wimmen I've never met. (Now, THAT'S the kind of spam I don't mind seeing!) It's been a big hoot and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

I might try to make money off my blog some day, but money has never been a big motivating factor in my life, and I'm doing okay right now. I don't see a need for it. Besides, I would feel as if I were despoiling something precious to me if I started running blog-ads and begging for alms. (No offense meant to ANY other blogger. I'm all for making money. I simply have enough right now. I am in a position to AFFORD my lofty principles, so I stand on them.)


Three simple questions, stolen from here.

But the blogger mind keeps searching for fodder... and I just had an idea. The results might be really interesting if I expanded this brief survey to at least ten questions about blogging and had attendees at this years Georgia Writer's Workshop answer them.

I think that would make a good post. Maybe attract more traffic. Possibly make people think better of me. Perhaps make some money with a blackmail scheme.

The possibilities are endless...


I hate to be a nag, Rob, and you may think I'm a schmuck for asking this, but are you still smelling funny things, and have you seen a doctor?

Posted by: Ernie G on January 28, 2005 04:22 PM

What Ernie said.

And, I'm cogitating constantly about trying a blog. I think it would become an addiction, one that I don't have time for. But, except for the spam and trolls and maintenance, it looks like such, well, fun?

I like making people laugh. I would like to do that more often.

So, do you have your doc appt yet?

Posted by: Kim on January 28, 2005 04:41 PM
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