Gut Rumbles

January 24, 2005

just damn!

I am going to miss this guy. At least when he hung up the blog, he went out with his boots on. And I hope he still drops by to visit ME on occasion.

Good luck, amigo!


odd having a day go by without hearing from you.

Posted by: Greg on January 24, 2005 04:38 PM

oops, nevermind my last comment, you did post today. What the fuck was I thinking? You'd think I didn't know how to read or some such shit.

Posted by: Greg on January 24, 2005 04:43 PM

I'll always drop by to check out Gutrumbles. I much prefer reading blogs to maintaining one.

I made one last post. My last, I swear. I think you'll like the latest round of pics.

Take care Rob, Gutrumbles rules!

Posted by: Brent on January 25, 2005 12:26 AM
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