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December 19, 2004

more on blogging

This writer does not share my opinion about blogs. I'm not suprised to learn that fact (just look at his blog and compare it to mine--- we don't do the same kinda thang and I don't believe that we aim for the same audience), but I AM surprised by his statement about the end of the election circus ..."it means that each person has to make their own decision about what they want to write about..."

I thought blogging ALWAYS was about that. I suppose that I never understood the rules.

...since to do a credible weblog I had to write about main campaign issues and developments to keep the site updated and relevant...which meant ignoring some other big interests (such as foreign affairs, popular culture and serious media issues). I don't mourn the end of the campaign; I truly celebrate it ó because it opens up more opportunity for writing and more challenges to work to expand and broaden readership.

What is a "credible" weblog? Do you HAVE to write about the news to be "credible?" I don't think so. A lot of blogs that DO write about the news aren't credible.

I'll blog about politics or the war or how much I hate cats or the medicinal benefits of target shooting--- hell, I'll blog about ANYTHING--- but I don't claim to be any kind of expert on a damned thing. I just offer MY humble opinion on whatever blows my dress up at the time and I don't mind my tongue when I do it. You can like it, or you can tell me that I'm full of shit. I'm just shouting from my soapbox.

It's a BLOG, for cryin' out loud. I write from a Crackerbox house in the boonies of Rincon, Georgia. I ain't exactly in hot pursuit of a Pulitizer here. I'm not out to change the world. I just want a few people to read what I write, purely because I like to write.

Don't get me wrong--- I take blogging seriously. Over the past three years, I've put a lot of work into this site. But I DON'T take MYSELF seriously as a powerful force in the new electronic communications era. I'm just an old fart with a PC, an internet connection and a big, foul mouth. I think there's plenty of room for ME in blogdom, along with all the "credible" blogs, too.

I don't see ANY street-signs directing people where to go with a blog. And I hope I never do.


BANNED AT PANERA-- Seems to me like the only logical system is where every blogger writes what the heck they want to. Million flowers bloom, etc. The perfect thing about the Net is non-scarcity--there can be any number of blogs, pages, sources, etc. I like reading the serious political guys, like Powerline, Captains Quarters, even Sullivan, but I love Acidman as well. speaking of which, did you know, Rob, that you and Kim du Toit are banned at Panera? I toted my new laptop and wireless card over there, but you don't get the approval of their firewall. Fuck'em, I say.

Posted by: John Cunningham on December 19, 2004 11:07 PM

The campaign is never over, as McCain proves. On and on he goes, being and looking strangely obscene.

Speaking of being foul, and since you asked, last night I went to a going-away-to-Iraq party for Brad, a guy about 28, whose father died while dusting crops via helicopter about 5 years ago. He too flies helicopters, builds his own - like The Thing in his shop - and I have been kind of a surrogate father to him, or at least a father figure, while trying to dissuade him of the idea that I am in any way normal.

He loves my cabin, known as "The Cabin", which he also thinks of as his personal retreat, virtually feeling free to do what he wants to it, and in it. A lot of bad things transpire there, which I cannot mention explicitly, except to note the incessant fornication with a real skeleton I keep hanging around in the main room. Gunga is not going to last much longer. But I have vowed to replace him myself.

Brad is my son's friend, and I know the rest of the guys, among which is "Filthy", a person who seems abnormally focused upon excrement, etc.. He's possibly getting better, but should be getting worse, if he wants to keep apace of the times, trends, and the rest of our Race, if we can judge by events and our noble world peers of all ages.

When Filthy's mother walked into the helicopter hanger and shop where the party -complete with a Budweiser truck resembling an old milk truck, - was, my son pointed her out and said, "That's where Filthy gets it from," before indroducing us. She appeared a normal small town redneck, in spite of her reputation amongst the people, some descendents of the Nimi 'i' pu, or Real People, as they knew themselves in olden-days, prior the the invasion of the Christian Liberals.

I didn't think quickly enough to give her her just due at the introduction, hoping to embarrass her, which she would have probably turned against me anyway. For her husband, who I've never seen before, put me in my place when I told him that, Oh my, I hadn't seen him since he had been about as tall as "that", pointing to a level about 18" off the ground. He replied instantly that this was impossible because he'd never been that short.

Brad had previously pointed out another normal looking lady of about 70, well shrunken, tending to the food, who he said was the dirtiest woman in the town, old or young, having nearly gone down on a fake gigantic penis some guy had exposed her to by flashing her with it. And that was the tame stuff.

Hence, I began to look at these rednecks, intermixed smothly with the also depraved Umatilla Indians, with a new appreciation, respect, and even reverence.

Filth is always relevant. It is eternal. Truth be told, it's why Bush won.

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on December 20, 2004 12:47 AM

It's really to each his own. But he's making a point about blogs complaining that they're losing readership after the elections. From what I read he isn't saying you have to do certain things -- but that if people are saying they're losing readers it's because they did too much of one thing and have to change if they are concern about the number of readers. Also, his blog isn't bad. You just have two different styles. One isn't better than the other.

Posted by: James Tamarak on December 20, 2004 03:05 AM

Yes. Everyone can decide how to do their own blogs. But if they're bitching about losing their readers they need to ask why and either stop talking about it and post what they want or make some changes. I also agree your blog and his are totally different and one isn't better than the other.

Posted by: Jane Lamper on December 20, 2004 03:07 AM

Dunno, Rob. I like Dean, but his co-blogger leaves me cold.

That quoted statement showed a masterful grasp of the obvious on his part though. ;]

Posted by: Ironbear on December 24, 2004 05:00 AM

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