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December 19, 2004

sports fan

I watched three games yesterday and all three were absolutely mesmerizing, nail-biting vicarious thrills for me. The first one was the Kentucky-Louisville NCAA basketball game, where Kentucky came from 16 points down at the half to win the game with .06 seconds left on the clock. HOLY BEJUS!!! That was one hell of a game and I was pulling for the Wildcats all the way. Rick Pitino can bite my crank for ever leaving UK.

The second was the NY Giants-Pittsburg Steelers NFL game. I expected a blowout, but the Giants jocked up for that game and made it a real contest. The final score was 33-30, in favor of the Steelers, but it went right down to the wire. Eli Manning finally started reminding me of his father and his brother after resembling nothing more than Fido's ass in his previous starts. I believe that we'll be hearing big things from that young man soon. Damn good game.

The third one was the Atlanta Falcons-Carolina Panthers NFL game last night. That one was unbelievable. Every time the Falcons bitch-slapped the Panthers, the Panters came back to tie the score. Finally, the Panthers took the lead.

The Falcons had a fourth and goal from the 12 yard-line while trailing by a touchdown with about a minute to go when Michael Vick pulled off a dazzlingly athletic play to tie the game and send it into overtime. The Falcons won on a subsequent field goal.

That stuff made a damn good Saturday for a sports fan.


Good picks. I watched these games, too.

Also, I loved the Lions game where they scored a touchdown with 4 seconds left and just needed an extra point to tie it, and the snapper rolled the ball back to the holder. No kick, no point, no tie. Game over.

My boys went to the Falcons game. We go to numerous SEC games during the year, but they said that the Falcons game at the Dome had the loudest fans they had ever heard.

One other curious thing that surprised me, but apparently no one else. I asked them the percentage of whites to blacks at the game and they estimated that 2/3 of the crowd was black.

Posted by: Woody on December 20, 2004 05:39 PM
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