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October 12, 2004

surprise, surprise!

John Kerry is out courting the black vote in a way that descends far below the level of simple pandering. Kerry swims through a cesspool of lies and propaganda, piloting himself as the Swift Boat of bullshit, and comes up grinning like that jackass Jimmy Carter in the end.

This isn't the first time Kerry has alleged that a million black voters were denied their voting rights in 2000. He cited the statistic at a speech before the NAACP last July.

The proper response to Kerry's allegation, of course, is: Name one. Just one, one single name, one black citizen who was registered to vote, entitled to vote and prevented from voting in the 2000 presidential election.

At the risk of being branded a racist (again) I'm going to quote a friend of mine about such tactics: "He's going for the 'oogah-boogah' vote. Just watch an old Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movie and see the natives when they hear the Tarzan yell. They quake, quiver and roll their eyes in fear. Democrats have been giving the Tarzan yell to Blacks for 40 fucking years now, and they STILL buy that horseshit."

I heard something very depressing on the local news a week or so ago. A reporter interviewed several ninth grade students about what they thought the biggest problem was in the world. I expected most of the answers I heard from those young minds full of mush. Terrorism. The environment. Global warming. The economy. Nuclear weapons.

Then, they stuck the microphone in the face of a Black kid who was... what?... maybe 15 years old? He had his answer down pat. "It's racism. If you're a Black man down South, you have to work ten times as hard as a white boy."

My aching ass.

I submit to you three points. First, racism, sexism, elitism, fascism and every other -ism you can name will ALWAYS exist, because it always has. That's human nature and laws never change human nature. But laws DO modify behavior.

That's my second point. Right now, if you are Black and sharp, the world is your oyster. Nothing out there holding you back but yourself. In fact, large corporations are beating the bushes looking for sharp Black people to fill really good jobs. The problem is--- there aren't that many sharp Blacks out there.

Call that last sentence a racist remark if you want to, but sometimes the truth hurts.

That 15 year-old kid never saw racism the way his grandparents did. He's never had to piss in a separate restroom or drink from a "colored" water fountain or hear someone tell him that he couldn't sit down and eat where he wanted to. He has all of that AND Affirmative Action on his side. But he's already being taught to use "racism" as an excuse for personal failure.

My third point is that Democrats don't WANT Blacks to get that chip off their shoulder. They want to keep the slaves on the plantation because the slaves vote 90% Democrat. Instead of preaching education and achievement, the Democrats give the Tarzan yell while they ignore the obvious.

The more probable explanation for higher ballot spoilage rates among African Americans is the politically incorrect one -- namely, lower literacy skills. The U.S. Department of Education's Adult Literacy Survey defines the lowest literacy category as readers unable to make "low-level inferences based on what they read and to compare or contrast information that can easily be found in [a] text." National data indicates that 38 percent of African Americans fall into this category, versus only 14 percent of whites. In order to cast a countable vote, a voter must read and follow a set of rudimentary instructions. (These instructions may be provided verbally by an election worker -- though the embarrassment of asking is no doubt considerable.) Lower literacy skills are therefore the likeliest factor in accounting for higher ballot spoilage rates among blacks.

John Kerry is a low-life prick for giving the Tarzan yell when he knows damn well that he's lying through his teeth. But if you're Black, you should be accustomed to being played for a chump by now. The Democrats have been doing that to you since 1964.

And you still vote in droves for those clowns, if you can figure out the ballot. If you fuck-up the ballot because you can't read and write, that's "disenfranchisement" and racism. Not YOUR fault.

Bullshit. And Kerry know it, too.


Didn't Kerry pick up Jesse Jackson as a Diversity Consultant or whatever, hence the class victimization as opposed to individual achievement?

Posted by: Anne on October 12, 2004 03:33 PM

And yet from what I've read,real"African Americans"ie:recent black immigrants from Africa,are doing real well. Maybe some adjustment when they first get to the States,like McJobs,some language difficulties,but when they get over those,Yeh ha!....I understand their kids do better in school,they tend to end up in better jobs,ect..........Someone(I can't remember whom at this moment,so take credit if you see this) wrote that this is probably because native American blacks(some of them) have a feeling of entitlement,or in other words, what the Democrats try to brainwash them with.

Posted by: big al on October 13, 2004 12:27 AM

If that makes you a racist, so is Bill Cosby. He's been saying for a long time that a lack of education is the only thing holding back today's black youth. I've been called a racist recently, just because I said something good about a black conservative group. You just can't please some people.

Posted by: Denise on October 13, 2004 03:29 AM

As we used to say in Africa where I grew up, (Northern Rhodesia not South Africa):

Upi lo Bwana? Most, if not all of these countries, couldn't manage a piss-up in a Brewery.

Posted by: Robert Worrill on October 13, 2004 06:28 AM
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