Gut Rumbles

October 07, 2004

harris neck

I don't know how many people are familiar with that part of Georgia, but it's famous for the best-tasting oysters you'll ever put in your mouth. Harris Neck oysters grow in clusters (not like the singles you find in the Gulf waters) and the shells are long and slender, and also sharp as a razor blade.

I don't remember ever eating Harris Neck oysters without cutting the crap out of myself sometime in the shucking process. But the blood-loss is worth it. A Harris Neck oyster EXPLODES with the tastes of salt, sea and low tide when you eat one. Those are, without a doubt, the best oysters I ever tasted. I like 'em raw, but they're good any way you want them cooked, too.

I mention Harris Neck because my friend Catfish is building a house there now. He also started a blog. Go check him out. I've already been invited to come visit, spend the night and shoot some guns when his new home is finished.

Eat your hearts out.

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