Gut Rumbles

September 30, 2004

folding your hand

Have you ever been in a poker game with a lot of money on the table and folded rather than see the last bet? I have, even with some pretty good cards. Something about watching my opponent told me that I was Second Best, and that's an expensive seat at the poker table. I folded rather than make sure.

Usually, I never knew whether he really had the tickets or not. We always threw the cards face-down in a pile and shuffled for the next hand. I probably pitched a few winners by doing that, but I believe that I saved myself a lot of money in the long run. I made my decision and I stuck by it. That's poker.

But sometimes, you DON'T get out. You have what it takes to win, and if that grinning bastard across from you bets, you raise the hell out of him. Let HIM squirm about what to do next. That's a ball-check.

I don't believe that I've EVER known a Democrat that I couldn't clean out at the poker table. They are so risk-averse and so pussified and ANY good Jawja poker player would eat them alive, and we've got some good ones down here.

I'd LOVE to play poker with John Kerry. I'd take everything but his fake orange suntan. But I'd make damn sure to cut the cards.

That's why I don't want HIM in charge of a War Against Terror.

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