Gut Rumbles

August 26, 2004

uninvited guest

I wonder if I could find a way to crash the Republican Convention and blog about it? I'll guarantee that I could bring a different perspective to the event that most bloggers INVITED THERE will.

That would be a hoot. I'd get to see New York City and write about a pure dog and pony show. Imagine a Hunter S. Thompson edge softened by a... never mind. I wouldn't soften a damn thing I wrote.

But I'd tell you a good story.


Don't bother. The security is fairly nuts, and the pros like Hugh Hewitt will be providing the relevant bits of intel.

If you want to see The City, see it in the fall, best time for it.

First round is on me.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on August 26, 2004 05:07 PM

I would love to read your version of the convention. I probably won't read/hear about it any other way.

Posted by: drc on August 27, 2004 11:55 AM
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