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August 20, 2004

this guy is good

I believe that I throw some pretty rants every now and then, but this guy does it every day. I like his attitude, too. It doesn't take much to piss him off, and he ain't afraid to bark. About Iran:

Ali, don’t you dare push us, because you would be nothing more than a Freebie to us. We would eat you so hard, you wouldn’t even know which direction Mecca was in. Lots of people want to take you out… itching to take you out. Saddam got his power from us, just so he would piss you guys off… and look what we did to him! And we liked Saddam! We don’t even like you guys… so just think about what we would do to you. Just be glad I’m not the president you little dirt bags, because your nuke programs would already be a stamp on the sides of my F-117’s.

Spoken like a guy I want to drink a beer with.

Technically, Iranians are aryan people, not arabs. But the mind-set is no different from the rest of the blustering fools in that part of the world. "WE WILL KILL YOU!!! WE DRAW THE LINE OF DEATH IN THE SAND!!! INFIDELS, YOU DIE IF YOU CROSS IT!!! FEAR US!!!

Send in the Marines and the Rangers and watch who learns about fear. If George Bush has the balls that I believe he does, no Iranian nuke program will EVER develop under his watch. We'll bomb it into rubble the way israel did in 1981 in Baghdad.

What are the Iranians gonna do about it? THREATEN us some more?

BFD. They scare me to death with that shit.

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