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August 03, 2004


Stories such as this one are why I visit this site almost every day. Good blog-fodder there. People can be such pricks and LAWYERS can out-prick THEM.

Its current owner, Bryan Banquells, isn't buying the dealer's arguments. While he knew the truck wasn't in perfect working order, he was led to believe it was safe. He bought the truck for $29. Four weeks later, he got a call from the dealership.

"He said, 'Bryan, we have a problem. You have a truck that you own that has a salvage title,'" Banquells said.

Banquells now refuses to drive the car and feels the dealership should provide him with a new one.

This jerk buys a truck for $29 fucking dollars and believed that it was "safe?" Who the hell IS this guy? What sort of brain damage did he sustain in his youth to make him believe that a $29 truck was supposed to be road-worthy? My aching ass. Listen to this prick:

"I have a 4-year-old and a 14-month old and a baby on the way," Banquells said. "I don't want to take them in a truck that I don't know whether it has a cracked frame. I want to be in something safe. I think they should take care of my family and make sure we're safe on the road and put us in another truck."

Then WHY did you buy a FUCKING $29 DOLLAR TRUCK, asswipe? If you really gave a shit about driving something safe, you'd have coughed up the cash to buy a Volvo, a car that's built like a tank. But you didn't do that. You bought a $29 truck and now you're whining about it.

Of course, he has a lawyer willing to take his case.

Attorney Hal Roser agrees.

"They got the benefit of the advertising and they should have delivered what was promised in the ad, which was a normal vehicle," Rosner said.

I think that they promised a $29 truck and that's what they sold. Does anyone in their right mind believe that ANY vehicle that a dealer sells for $29 is "normal?" Goddam! You'll spend $29 just putting GAS in that thing today.

The guy got what he paid for. He should shut up, or be dragged off and shot for the good of the human gene pool. And his goddam lawyer needs to be dragged off and shot, too. Do you realize how much money this kind of frivilous litigation costs EVERYBODY?

What an asshole.


Too late for the good of the human gene pool. He's already spawned.

Posted by: Veryalda Relisys on August 3, 2004 12:14 PM

The dealer is required by law to inform the buyer of the salvage status of the truck. Since they didn't know about it until after the sale, they couldn't do so. Once they found out, they called the guy and told him. If they wanted to screw him over, they wouldn't have done that.

You ask me, all they're liable for is to buy the truck back for the price they sold it for: $29. If they guy won't take that, too bad. The dealer is looking for another truck to exchange for it. In my opinion, that's going way way above and beyond. I say that anyone in the area should buy their next vehicle from El Cahon Ford and tell them why.

Posted by: RadarRider on August 3, 2004 01:08 PM

I expect Volvo-quality for $30, but not $29.

Posted by: Black Panthro on August 3, 2004 04:50 PM

How the heck did someone trade in a vehicle without a registration? And why such a low price? Unless it was an advertised come on in and look piece of bait. I don't have hi-speed internet, so it would take too long to download the video feed off the sight,in case that was explained in the news video.......And yes,at that price the truck probabaly wasn't even good for parts,so that buyer is holding out for a bribe to quit squacking.

Posted by: big al on August 4, 2004 03:49 AM
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